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BIG guys and erections


Originally Posted by Wt282
Does anyone here with a low LOT (around 7-6:00) have an erection that spikes up towards the sky?

Not quite the sky, 10:30 easy and my LOT is 7 or less depending on the day. But I’m not huge or even that big so maybe that accounts for it. I’m only 6.5”…

Hey guys thks, especially hughs kind comments

Yep 45 on friday !
Not to be an ass but my body is better than ANY 25 year old !, I’m a life long body builder 18” arms 32” waist 48” chest blah blah.

I also had a little surgery ahem on my face I guess I look maybe 38max

In bars and such, especially in the summer I get girls pretty easily, it’s funny they just want the bod, but hey I’ll take it, I can see it in their eyes.

The munchee in the pics was 19 or 20 yrs old, I have gone from 18 to a very rare 44 (only cos she was a japanese ex model), I normally keep em under 30.

P.e is just an extension of a fitness lifestyle for me, I love it !


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