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Big gains in length without hanging anyone?



For how long have you been doing jelq while being erect ?

Can’t agree more about your comment.




About 14 months, off and on. We have the right to disagree here. :) This topic is easier to start an argument over than politics. I don’t jelq for 45 minute periods, I get a good workout in about 15 minutes or less. It is not for everyone, but there are a few of us that prefer to jelq erect.

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I don’t disagree with you :) It’s just something I wouldn’t recommend to someone new. Like you said, it’s totaly personal, and those exercises which hold an extra risky factor should only be done by those with some exp. on their hands and the ability to feel how their penis is doing. IMO.

By full erect, do you mean a normal ereciton, or do you add a kegel too ? I can see how one can do it without a kegel but not with a really full erection.



Have any of you ever used a penis ring to keep the blood in the penis during jelq. This would free up the other hand so that you can jelq with both hands. Just curious about that one. I bring this up becuase “Thunder” mentioned the tournequet grip. Please reply with your comments.

Thank you.


Hey uc,

I tried a cock ring for about a week. I did not find it easy to use. Hard to do a PC flex and I had problems with my skin getting irritated because of the pull. I have real loose skin and found I was having to hold the ring in place with my free hand. So I just used my hand.

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Hey, UC61LA


When you jelq, how exactly do you do it.

1. Use Lube? What Kind?
2. How long per session?
3. Ever have trouble mainting erect after prolonged periods?
4. How does a good jelq feel?
5. Has your head increased?

You see, I never really made any gains jelqing, of course I probably never did it long enough. I just recently started doing ULI/Squeezes and they are pretty vicious.

My jelq results

I have jelqed for about 20 months. I normally don’t use a lube but I am going to start using baby oil. I normally jelq for about 30 minutes per session 5 to 6 days per week with about 300 good pulls. Sometimes my penis will start to go soft and I have to give it some good rubs to get it partially erect again. I like the feeling of jelqing because it has the same effect for me as masturbating and really extends the time out. I find that after a good jelq session I really do not need to cum. I feel really pumped. My penis head has definitely increased. But the greatest girth increase was at the middle of the shaft. It went from about 5” in circ. to 6.25” in circ. I have not measured the circ. on my penis head. That is a good idea. I should do that the next time I check my size. I try to check about once a month or so. I have just started to experiment with the uli. I hear it is an excellent method for increasing circ. Although I feel I am fairlyhappy with my circ. I am trying to experiment with different techniques to get about another .75” in length. If you have any good ideas I would appreciate hearing from you. What about you. What is your main exercise program. How long have you been jelqing or uling. What kind of gains have you seen. What do you find as the best and most comfortable procedure. Maybe the reason you didn’t see gains with jelqing has to do with the frequency of your sessions. Let me know what you do and how. Good luck and best wishes.

What I’ve been doing lately is 20 minute sessions of squeezes/Ulis. What I do is, get a 85-90% stiff….(you can even get 100% but that’s easier said than done if your halfway through a session)…. then KEGEL really hard and grab the base with a finger ring as hard as I can. Then, I try to slide my finger ring towards the head. Hold this for as long as you still feel pressure(20-30 seconds) If you have enough pressure built up, it feels like your head is gonna bust. THAT’S GOOD. No Kidding, after about 20-25 reps of this your dick will be purple. It will also be sore as shit! I’ve gained over 1/2” in length and girth in less than a month. BUT this can also be attributed to the fact that I’m a newbie and I also listen to PE hypnosis CD’s. They work!


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