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Big 7.0! +

Big 7.0! +

Well… after close to a year, I have finally passed 7.0”. I started way back when with roughly 6.375”.

More importantly, I’m hitting bottom in my GF now! I have to go slow and stretch her in slightly but she is reacting well to it.

I’ve also added approximately 1/8” to thickness tho I do not have a formal measure for that.

My trusty scrap foamcore ruler I started with has a series of marks on it at roughly equal intervals (this latest measurement was about 3/16” of an inch increase and I am at 7 1/16”).

I continue to focus on the following.

Grab the head of my dry penis in a “V” of my fingers. Bend my waist and touch the tip to my belly button, then allow my waist to straighten naturally and put my penis under tension. With my off hand, I grab the ligament in both fingers with a firm pressure and move up and down the length of the ligament while I do a “10” count. Since the penis is dry, I have to release and regrab a few times. I also work two little winglike ligaments at the base gently on the right and left.

I have done some squashing (horse?) exercises to increase the size. When I am semi-hard I squash until it turns red (and about 2” thick) and hold for a 10 count.

I have done this at a very low but consistent level. Once or twice a day for the stretching. Once or twice a week for the squashing. Maybe once a month I do actual jelqing with a partially aroused warm (hot shower) penis where I grab it in a tight circle and move towards the tip 20 or 30 times.

I want to get to 7.25”x5.5 and then lock in that size. I recently joked to my gf that now I could say “just say when” when I entered her and she giggled over that.

Despite the slow pace I had three injury periods where I had reduced feeling in the head and a harder time getting fully hard. Currently the feeling is normal and so is the physical response.

It is hard to believe they do not teach about jelqing or that it is not more widely known.

At the current rate, I should reach my goal in six months. THat would be a nice christmas present!

Congratulations! You’ve had a rough trip getting there though.

Congratulations :up: ! I’ve also had problems with loss of sensitivity on the tip from too much friction during stretching. But long breaks restored it (at least most of it).

CONGRATS.. Id love to be 7.. I think it’s a really good barrier to break.. Only bigger and better now !

FUTURE - - nbp 7.5" x 5.75 =Success

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