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Bibs too?

Bibs too?

Will adding hanging speed up my gains for length, I already do hand exercises, stretch by hand and pump. But the length seems to be taking longer than th girth. Some have said if you reduce the tube on the pump so the shaft fills completly length gains seem to improve…………?

Which has the better record?

I’m in the exact same boat as you. Was gaining girth but no length. I added hanging and manual stretching to try and jump start length. Nothing to speak of on length yet but it has only been a little over a month I will let you know.

I also plan to do what you are talking about on the pumping side with the new tube I just got. Once I have gained enough girth to pack this new tube I’m going to stick with it anyway until I can pack it length wise also. I tried going back to my old tube to do that but it is way to small now and just causes pain way before it stretches length wise. So I will have to wait until I can pack the new one.

I dont exactly know if this is correct,but after reading . I am going to concentrate on length first then start the girth excercises. I read ,and also think its easier the gain length with a smaller shaft .Then to try to stretch a overly healthy shaft.

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