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Bib's LOT Theory 101

another way

I’ve been able to realize good gains by working both with and against my LOT. My LOT is about

11:00. If I carefully relax and concentrate on relaxing and stretching more slowly and can get several good strong stretches in at 11:00 before I get tugback. It’s my opinion that this has improved my chances of all around gain. Trying reverse kegels helps in defeating my LOT by relaxing the muscles causing the tugback. Try it!

this was a big help to start people like me on the right track. my lot is 6:00 do you think i could see gains from using the penis master pointing up?

Hello Bib, And thank you for the informative post. I’ve not yet begun my PE venture as I am still researching, however your post will certainly help my endeavor. At a 7:00 Lot, such as myself, you advise Tunica stretching. Could you please provide a link to other sections of the forums dealing with Tunica and High Angle Stretching? Thank you for your time.

Nice work

Originally Posted by KOG
Ha-ha, this is true. I’ve always associated “101” with simple. I’m hoping it’ll do the same thing to a curious newbie browsing the newbie forum for something helpful. And thank you for the good job compliment.

Thank you, too, hobby. :)

you have succeeded! thank you kindly and know i will be searching your handle as a short cut to quick knowledge. this newbie is filled with warm feelings and gratitude, and i look forward to owing you all a great [if secret] debt of gratitude.

pax et lux

Thanks KOG.

Good work KOG,

I have a high lot, it’s at 9 O’clock, does this mean that I need to hang or stretch downward? I’m new to hanging, “about two months” I know this may not seem like I’m new to hanging, but I still haven’t found what works for me and I’ve not seen any gains in Erect state. My unit looks larger not erect, it is shorter by an inch when it’s erect. Anyone have any commits on this? Sure will appreciate any suggestions. Lastresort

(When LOT is 6:00-7:00, potential gains from low hanging and stretching is low enough to ignore ligament stretching. Focus should be placed on stretching the tunica by high angle stretching and hanging.)

I am a 6:00.. I am alittle confused on high angle stretching and hanging. Is it when you stretch the penis straight up at 90 degrees to get the best gains.


Is it good now that I stretch at a upward angle because my LOT is a low 6 o clock? I was thinkin maybe I read wrong. And will my LOT be a 9 or somthing after stretching the tunica alot?

I Am A Newbie

I Have A Low Lot. How Do You Hang Pulling Upwards?? Putting It Over My Leg I Can Get About 10:00. But It Is Also Pulling Sideways. I Guess Alternate Between Left And Right? Fun In The Sun


I can see how many people get confused by the LOT theory. There must be hundreds if not thousands of questions asking for an explanation to simplify the theory.

Wouldn’t it be easier to tell people they need to pull (or hang weights) in any direction that they feel a tug back? Or am I not understanding this correctly?

I personally feel no tug back from about the 9 o’clock to 6 o’clock position. What does that mean? Am I right in my thinking that I should just hang weights in every direction that I feel a tug back? If so, if I am laying on my back, I should also hang wieghts on the left and right in a few different locations.?


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Hy all. I have a stupid questions. What does low or high hanging mean? I don’t get it(newbie). Angles or what? My LOT is 7:30. Thanks.

Wow, some of you guys are really smart, you have done well to make someone like me understand it KOG.

Hey. I’m a newbie, and I’ve got questions related to the stuff said on this thread. First of all, someone said that those with higher LOTs would be more likely to make greater gains in length; that those with lower lots would experience less gains. Does this mean that it’s possible to predict an individual’s overall potential gain (are there specific values of growth, in inches, that each of the LOT ranges could except to achieve)? I hope that question makes sense.

Second, one of the posters mentioned that those with lower LOTs would need to put more work and dedication into their PEing to see any gains. I have a LOT of around 7:30, but I’m also just starting out on Luddites’ newbie routine a few days ago. Since I would have to be more dedicated to see any gains, does this mean I should be doing more/different than what luvdadus prescribes in his newbie routine?

Thanks to anyone who helps me out with these questions.


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