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Bib's LOT Theory


I believe it is the position of the pelvis that will determine which ‘direction’ you are stretching. SD while standing should be the same as sitting unless you are sat leaning forward or backwards. The best angle for ligs is BTC, pull through your legs and between the cheeks to get this effect.

The reverse kegel portion of the blaster will give you benefits with downward stretching, so DLD blasters do not need to be modified with this angle. If you like, you could ditch the normal kegel, but some people find it useful to do it in order to feel the difference between doing an RK or not. When I made my gains I was not doing normal kegels, just RK for 5 secs, relax 5 secs, repeat.


I’m a bit confused on how to determine tug-back. Could someone explain it in more detail.

As far as I’ve read so far I’m understanding that- I pull my dick down and out as far as I can (6) and PC squeeze, then keeping it pulled out move it vertically up until its straight up (12).

I’m just unsure how to spot tug-back and what it actually is.
at the moment I can’t really notice anything happening when I’m performing above (probably cos I dont know what to look for).

From what I understood you start at 12 and kegel ,and you will see a noticeable tug. Your penis will pull-back.Then move down to 11, then 10 and so on untill you see “no tug-back” your penis will still move from the kegel ,but you go until the point of no visible tug-back.the pull back should start getting weaker,and weaker by every hour.What you are looking for is no pullback.Mine is a little below horizontal,between 8and 9 .I figure it at 8:30.

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Let me see if I have this correct. When I pull from 12 oclock to 5 oclock while I kegel, I feel tugback everywhere except at 6 oclock. When I pull straight down and kegel, I feel no tugback while I am stretching. So my LOT is 6 oclock, correct? If this is so and I want to make length and girth gains what routine should I follow and how do you stretch the tunica most effectively? Please help guys because I am getting frustrated. Thanks

As far as stretching the tunica,I will tell you what I have read.Do a search.I ask the same question ,and thats what I got. Well I am still searching for good techniques ,and still am coming up short.Maybe some one will be nice enough to set us up with a link for tunica stretches, not a link for a search.

Here’s what I do to hit the tunica- By hanging or manual stretching at 9:00 or above, in all and every direction. I currently do this- From a seated position, with legs spread, pull parallel to my right leg, left leg, up and along my body to the right, up and along my body to the left, straight up towards my chin, left and right along my leg and straight out doing a modified A stretch. It is very important to hit the tunica in a variety of angles and directions to make sure it is being worked completely and one part doesn’t lag behing and hamper gains.

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You have to SEE the tugback, not feel it. When you no longer SEE the tugback, that is your LOT.


What we REALLY need to know........

is the LOT of the big gainers. All we have is hindsight mostly.

But Bib’s theory that they stretched to a low LOT makes sense, especially for a DLD
who has sort of maxed out the gain windows, so to speak. One would expect it ti
be low, but what was it to start with?

Bib says the correlation between erection angle pre PE and the LOT is very high, so
that is a good data point to refer to.

That said, I think there is a missing element or two in the LOT. I don’t know if we will
discover it or not anytime soon. One way is to take the “atypical” ones, I am one, who
don’t fit the high or low LOT mold so well, and see what genetic factors are there.

I believe the mother’s genes might be involved here, and don’t go to laughing about

I also think being uncut makes it harder, all else the same including LOT. The actual
density of tissue might be of significance as well as lig length.

I am having trouble again with swelling so I am getting frustrated again but what the
hey. I am just “playing” now for maintainence anyway.

It is all due to being uncut and these interruptions prevent the consistency needed to


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While the theory that everyone has a LOT, which determines what they should and shouldn’t be focusing on, is well researched and very likely, are there any of you who disagree with this principle and believe it’s simply not true?

I myself had doubts, but as I continued to try to do lig stretching exercises exclusively and never tunica stretching ones, I didn’t hit a single gain. I’m one of the low LOTs mind you.

Now that I’ve focusing on tunica, my FSL has increased…and while that isn’t what I call a gain and I still haven’t gone up in NBPEL or BPEL, at least something possibly positive has happened.

I’m curious though if there’s anyone out there who challenges the theory and has not accepted it for what it is..

I'm curious...

Whats the limiting factor in a low LOT exactly?

Say if someone had a few inches of inner penis, but long ligs, is the ligs the limiting factor or the inner penis?

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Well, I measured my LOT and I’m at 7:30. At 7:30 I can’t see a strong tugback, (though I still can see some, it’s much weaker at 7:30) I can feel a strong tugback until 7:30 as well, then after that I can feel a very weak tugback all the way down.

So this means I have to stretch my penis at about 10:30? in order to see the best gains?

Anyone thought of drawing diagrams for this little theory to make it easier on us noobs? (ie - this is your penis tugback angle, this is where you should stretch)

Just a thought…

have fun

Specs: May 13th 2003 EBPL=5.9 EG=5.0 June 13th 2003 EBPL=7.0 EG=5.0

If we view 9:00 as a dividing line and we have a lot LOT, shall we use the reverse angle of our LOT as our main stretching point? For example, a person with a lot of 6:00 should spend a lot of time stretching at 12:00; LOT=7:00, stretch=11:00; LOT 8:00, stretch 10:00. While my routine isn’t focused mainly on this idea, it’s something I felt was probable and noticed more tension during my stretch at the mirrored angle of my LOT (7:00/7:30).

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I might give it a whirl. (everyone has to agree not to laugh at my rudimentary art skills. But Do I have the theory right? (eg LOT @ 12:00 = pull @ 6:00~=~ LOT @ 11:00, pull @ 7:00 etc…)


Specs: May 13th 2003 EBPL=5.9 EG=5.0 June 13th 2003 EBPL=7.0 EG=5.0


No, for a low LOT, <7:30-8:00, you can place all stress on the tunica by stretching at 9:00 or above. Also, it would probably help to vary from 9:00 to 12:00.

For a high LOT, you simply need to stretch below the level of your LOT. As above, many various angles below your LOT, would probably be of use.



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