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Bib's LOT Theory

My LOT is at 9:00

You say to hit as low as possible.. I was thinking of starting some flaccid stretching to where I grab my penis from under my legs and stretch it backwards. Do you think this would work well for hitting low?

'I won't be the one left behind, you can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind.'




Kegal pull loss: 9:00
Length 6 3/10in
PE career 1 1/2 weeks
Gains 1/2”
EA 10:00
Wet Jelqs w/added “lower” Jelqs, DLD Blasters, Stretching w/added “lower” stretching


Sorry about the double post.

'I won't be the one left behind, you can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind.'


You gained 1/2” in 1 1/2 weeks???


Yes it sounds insane I know, but when I started I was 5 4/5in and now I’m 6 3/10in. My routine has been nothing out of the norm, haven’t noticed any girth increases yet. I can only hope I’ll keep gaining like this. The only supplement I’ve taken is a multivitamin that I took in the morning and at night for a few days.. I haven’t taken them for about 3 days now.

Well, now I’m 6 1/2” the gains in length just keep coming.. Wish the same could be said about girth (which is why I made a thread on it) I would like to thank all of you guys, without you guys I wouldn’t be PEing or have the balls to keep going.

I have to remind myself to stop measuring, my official date is the 28th :)

'I won't be the one left behind, you can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind.'

Does anybody know if ligs are effected by temperature, in the same way as other tissues contract when exposed to cold? This might sound stupid but I’m working on a little theory.


Yes, ligs will stretch tremendously when heat is used during stretching.


my LOT is at about 9:00

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Thanks SS4, I’ve been thinking about the other end of the thermometer though. For those people who’ve stretched their ligs out a lot already, would performing stretches in a colder environment (ie, foregoing the warm-up) mean that the ligs could be further stretched, as when cold they would be in a contracted state? If that doesn’t make any sense, please tell me, I know it’s a pretty crap explanation.

Good thought, but I do not think this would work, because to gain length they need to be stretched beyond their limits, ie hyperextended, and if they are contracted (cold) there is less chance of this happening.


Perhaps, but isn’t the idea of “stretching” based on making small tears in the tissue, which repair themselves? Presumably when contracted, these tears would be easier to make? Or is there something in the tea i’ve been drinking?

I dont think that the contraction itself would be beneficial in creating more micro-tears, because that theory would mean that the tension of the stretch is affected by the contraction of the ligs. The weight or force of the hands would surely counteract this easily, and then you do not have the heat to help the stretching.

What most hangers do is use heat for the first half of the sets, then the penis cools at room temperature in the extended state for the second half. This is done because when you apply heat, the elasticity of the ligs effectively increases, but with cold it will decrease. When they are less elastic they will not shorten to their normal state as easily.


Ok, thanks, it was worth a shot.

Are the ligs stretched in the donward posesion more from standing up or sitting down?I was said to get more gains from downward stretches(LOT 8;30) while setting down. I have done the downward stretches while sitting down ,but I get more of a pulling sensation by standing up.After doing downward jelqs standing up I have a sore sensasion the rest of the day at the base of my penis. While setting down I really get nothing . should I try a little harder while sitting to try to get the same feeling?Also how can I modify the blasters to better suit my routine(downward stertches of the ligs)?Or will I be fine by doing them straight up12:00?


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