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Bib Starter Yoga

Bib Starter Yoga


I don’t think there is anything new here but my approach might be a little different, very relaxing and a lot of fun.

I think that with a little wrapping and hanger attachment practice, one will find that they can get a much better workout than with their hands alone. I know I can’t grip as hard as my bib can and with manual stretching, I alway found that the limiting factor was my grip, not the stress on my penis. Of course, this may not be true for all of you.

I get naked, put on a good album; I listed to the new Cold Play album yesterday. I wrap w/ coach wrap and attach the hanger like I am going to hang. I then pull in every direction while throwing in twists (180-360 degrees) and v-pulls. I get into all kinds of positions to optimize lig stretching. I get on my hands and knees, roll around on my back, sit Indian style etc. I pull in every direction in these different positions. I am also stretching other parts of my body at the same time (mostly my legs).

I don’t get the wrap and starter attachment just right every time, but when I do, I am only limited by how hard I can/dare pull. I do this for about 45 min. At the end I am sweaty from all the pulling and rolling around and my penis has a great hang for a couple of hours.


Now THAT’S a different idea. I have no doubts the hanger grips better. I’m liking the idea of twists and stretches in different directions with the hanger. Anyone else ever try this?

I’ll leave the rolling around to music for another time :D

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