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Bib Hanger breaks my plateau


Oh, sorry… I clicked the ‘www’ button at the bottom of your posts. I was redirected to a page ( which redirected me to a 500 error…

The message on the page said “The BIBHANGER page as moved here…” so I just assumed that the site I was re-directed to (the one with the 500 error) was the official bibhanger site.

Just a heads up, I guess….


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Woohoo, mine shipped Friday. You are truly a class act Bib.

Gonna hang just because I cannot, for the life of me, get anything out of stretches. The only way I can get a good stretch is to grab my glans, and I can’t avoid the nerve bundle on top. I have modest goals, I am 5” NBPEL, and only want 6”, anything past that is just gravy.

Congratulations Dino! You’re another shining example of how persistence and patience can pay off.


Dino, congrats bro. Glad to hear the gains keep coming.

deeznuts, we’re in the same boat on this one. The bib hanger is the closest I can get to the wicked stretch I get by gripping on the tip of my glans. With more time for adjusting, I’m sure I’ll get there.



The bib will keep our pimp hands strong!!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Dino and Still, how are you hanging?
Are you using Bib’s LOT theory along with the hanging?

For the past two weeks I’ve been doing nothing but hanging BTC convinced that that method will work best for me. I’ve been getting some big flaccid gains like I have in the past, but nothing in the erect state yet…of course it’s still too soon, but one can always hope.

Been trying some tunica stretching/hanging - mostly SO, but I might not be doing it right.

Anyway I was just curious about the style of hanging you guys are doing.


I just hang down while sitting, I also do manual stretching and that I do pulling up. I think still hangs down also. I’m taking a little break I got a little excited about my gain and over did it a little. It’s good to see you posting over here.


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Bib, so glad you started making the hangers again. I’ve had mine for four days but I can tell it’s the best thing I’ve ever tried before. No pain with it, just a nice, smooth hang that feels good. Thanks again.

Predicting great gains in the future … .

Later . . LS


Thanks for the kind words.



Let us know if you plan on starting a publicly traded company so we here at thunder’s can get in on it OK?

Thanks dude.

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