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Beware The Wayback Machine...

Beware The Wayback Machine...

Ever since two nights ago when I was looking at the old boards and some other stuff on the wayback machine, my web browser has been majorly phucked up.

I mean, like every web address I would type in the address bar, every link I would click, everything would display the “page not found” ezBoard page. Even after rebooting my computer, re-installing IE, clearing all cached files and cookies, I still had this problem intermittantly. It annoyed me enough to re-install my OS tonight (that and the new motherboard and processor I bought.. :) ).

Anyone else having problems with Wayback?


A little...


I had to rip the shit out of Uli’s Routine page before I posted it here. It had some kind of imbedded link in it. Every time I tried to download it, after I had posted it, it would open the WBM. I finally opened the page up and ripped everything except the actual post off it. Seems to be okay now, I think.

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