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Between the Cheeks stretching

Between the Cheeks stretching

Hey guys,
I’ve been starting to stretch between the cheeks lately and also doing it when I am just sitting at my chair (at work, right now in front of the pc, etc). I’ve got a question though… It kinda feels weird when i do it though, I only mean it regarding how my shaft pretty much separates my balls from each other in this position. Needless to say, it isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world(I know I know, no pain no gain right?).

Honestly though, for those that stretch like this, how do you minimize this feeling or am I just doing it wrong?

The separating of the testicles should be painless. It should only feel stressful to the ligs at the base of the penis ( dorsal surface ) so I’m not sure where you feel this pain.

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I guess it’s not so much a pain per se, just a feeling I’ve not gotten use to yet.

Where the hell do I find a magnet thera-p wrist wrap? I’ve looked at CVS, Target, Jewel and Walgreens and haven’t seen one yet.

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