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Best time to do stretching?

Best time to do stretching?

I have been doing Manual Stretch, Pumping and Jelq in this order.

I found that after pumping, it is actually easier to stretch my penis. It appears to be more elastic and can be stretched to a greater distance.
Does anyone have the same experience?

Should I alter the order and place Manual Stretch after Pumping?

Also after pumping, my penis sometimes gets so tired that it is difficult to get it up to a high erection level for Jelq.

I’m doing the same thing. I started jelqing between pumping sets, and hanging after pumping.
Dr. Kaplan (if he really is a Dr.) recommends the same thing with the use of his pump.

I got a really good stretch today from a long pump session, but using low vacuum.

That’s my basic routine, with some clamping thrown in. How long do you do each?

I hang a few sets with pumping in between to regain blood-flow (and because if I’m going to pump that seems like the most logical time to do it), then after hanging my sets I wear my ADS to keep it long.

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I’ve found that stretching in the evening is the best, because erections are not in the way, like in the morning.

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