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Best lubrication for PE

Originally Posted by thecrow19

Where would you pick up jojoba oil? Is it found in most grocery stores?

Hmmm. I see jojoba oil in most Seattle grocery stores, but it’s more the kind of thing you’d easily find in a health food, nutrition, or vitamin store. A Whole Foods or Wild Oats-type store would have the stuff. Choices Markets in BC would have it. In the States, l usually buy it at Trader Joe’s.

I use extra virgin olive oil or grapeseed oil. Afterwards I apply some lotion w/ Vitamin E and tea tree oil.

Start: 7/20/07 (BPEL 5.5) (EG 4.75)

Last Measurement:9/12/07 (6) (4.75)

I agree with mr_rw. The silicone-based lubes are incredibly messy. I think it made my whole room somewhat slippery : ) I also like the feel of lube with a little more substance. I am really into the water-based lube by ID. I use less of it than I use the silicone based, because I keep spitting into my hand to keep it nice and slick. The silicone-based lubes need to keep being applied to be really slick.

Try out the water-based lube from ID. You can get a good-sized bottle for ~20.00 USD. There are cheap lube sites that will ship to your house in a matter of days (if you live in the continental US). The silicone stuff just isn’t worth it to me.

Olive Oil.

Especially if you do water pumping a sit reduces or eliminates water blisters

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09/13/07 NBP = 8.375 FSL = 8.75 EG = 5.38 Volume = 19.29 (+25%)

12/26/07 NBP = 8.625 FSL = 8.75 EG = 5.50 Volume = 20.82 (+35%)

What about coconut oil? I only found 2 threads on it. Both of which don’t offer much insight.

Bone Pressed ERECT: 7.0 inches

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Width 1 7/8 inches

I love EVOO. Been using it for years now.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

You can just use moisture therapy hand cream. Is very good and gives your dick a nice touch and shine.

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I use a blend of aloe vera and Corn Huskers lotion. Neither are petroleum containing products. I even use it with my Fleshlights. Washes off quite readily also, leaving no sticky, greasy residue.


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I use raw Coconut oil! I’m so happy with this universal oil, It do wonders. Best ever!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Grapeseed oil.

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First goal: 6"x5"

Long Term Goal: 8"x5¾"

I travel and stay in hotels several nights per week. For me, it’s whatever they have on the counter in the bathroom.

After my hanging sessions I do about 10 minutes jelqing for which Vaseline seems to be fine.

However, before and sometimes during the session I apply cocoa butter which is amazing for the skin, I really love the stuff and the smell. I can tell its helping me avoid stretch marks.

Feb 14': EL: 7 1/8 BPEL: 7 1/2 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 1/8

Current: EL: 7 3/8 BPEL: 7 7/8 EG (Base): 6 (Mid) 5 5/8 (Head): 4 5/8

Originally Posted by monochrome
I use raw Coconut oil! I’m so happy with this universal oil, It do wonders. Best ever!

A question for you and anyone else using coconut oil: How easily does it clean off? And how often do you have to really it? I often come home on my lunch break, jelq, then head back to the office? I love my water based lube because it cleans off so easily, but it’s expensive. Thoughts? I’ve tried regular lotion in the past, but found it absorbed too quickly and didn’t offer enough lubrication. Also, the rest of the day felt like a bottle of suntan lotion exploded in my shorts.

I have yet to find anything that works better than my wife’s Panteen Cream Rinse. Very slippery stuff and it conditions too, ha ha. Seriously, no oils or lubricants that I’ve tried have come close.

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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil.. You can’t go wrong.


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