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Best lubrication for PE

You gotta be kidding me. What’s wrong w/that?. Sorry, WITH that.

Hey Uncut4Big,

Ive tried PJUR and even mentioned it in some earlier threads. Only thing is Im into the Auqa water based version of the product as I find it a bit easier to clean up than the silcone based version. I will admit having to reapply during a jelq session but I find cleanup a bit easier with the Aqua version. Anyways good to see that others are finally getting informed about this great line of products. Take it easy and maybe I’ll run into you around the BAY.


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I mix vaseline with a cheaper version of KY lubricating jelly. I just keep adding water throughout my jelqing session. It beats any other lubricant I’ve tried—and lasts longer.


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I was using Johnson & Johnson baby oil gel, that I seemed to like a lot. But I just switched to regular ol’ baby oil which I love.

I just picked up Johnson’s baby oil with aloe vera and vitamin E. Is that ok? Didn’t know if there are any negatives to having the aloe vera and vitamin E in it.

3 parts Olive Oil, 2 parts Flax oil, 1/2 part Sesame oil and some other goodies thrown in for good measure….ancient Chinese secret!

Au Natural for me and my cock baby, nothing but the best. If it was manufactured in a factory I ain’t jelqing with it.

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Grapeseed oil.

Astroglide, not the warming Astroglide as it wears off rather quickly. I think it works fantastic for jelqing.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned just plain olive oil yet. For jelqing it’s the perfect consistency and doesn’t need to be reapplied. It also rubs off with very little residue.

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Originally Posted by thecrow19
I just picked up Johnson’s baby oil with aloe vera and vitamin E. Is that ok? Didn’t know if there are any negatives to having the aloe vera and vitamin E in it.

Baby oil is fine, and there’s benefits to having the aloe vera and vitamin E. If you scuff up your dick while vigorously whacking it will heal better.

The reason I don’t use baby oil, or olive oil, sesame oil or other more smelly oils, is the stronger scent — especially with baby oil where they add the flowery fragrance. Baby oil is made of mineral oil, so mineral oil is a cheap, unscented alternative when you’d rather not have the baby butt essence.

Remember that mineral oil-based products are made of petroleum, so don’t use it with condoms, a Fleshlight, or anything else that will deteriorate when exposed to oil.

I’ve been using jojoba oil recently. It’s lower viscosity so I have to be careful not pour out too much, but in small amounts it’s just the right mix of slipperiness and resistence. It’s good for skin too. I shave with it — above and below.

Where would you pick up jojoba oil? Is it found in most grocery stores?

I mainly used Astroglide because it’s what I have available. I tried olive oil a few times but found that it wore off too quick and left my penis looking like a scary, shiny wizard rod.


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