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Best girth for women


5 to 6 but to my opinion highly depends on;

1. Age- young inexperience girls have got tight pussies which can hardly take 5

2. Whether a woman has given birth naturally and the type of stitch received after cut.

3 PC exercises. Certain tribes in Africa have been known to train their young adult girls how to tighten the PC muscles through special practices.This helped the ladies to accommodate any size with ease to avoid disappointments after marriage

Nice thread .
I have a 6.5” (16.5 cm) Girth and 7.5”BPEL(19 cm) Length dick . But having this size is not feeling good for me. Anal sex is a quite a bit problem and for each week it only happens once with to much pain for my partner ( if happens!), and having something that called oral sex is sort of big dream for me . What I could get from that is a head licking with much teeth and pain on it ( or sometimes if I got lucky have it’s head in her mouth and nothing more! And believe me it’s not fun at all). Good news is I don’t have much problem with straight sex now (starting it was painful for my partner but she’s now getting use to it :D ) but I have to spend much time for foreplay and stimulate vagina before start sex (sometimes it’s not too much fun!)

Although I have this size of dick but comparing 7” NBPEL to 6.5 G makes it look short! And that’s why I am here to get more length (hope that it only gains length)

The point is beware of something like 7” cock it’s disastrous. Don’t even think about it as a goal.

Very seldom do you hear of someone bitching about oo much girth! Wow man, must be just horrible!

Oct. 07 : BPEL 6.5" EG 5.5" Nov. 07: BPEL 6.875" EG 5.5''

Goal NBPEL 7.0 EG 6.0"

Use the right HEAD when doing exercises! And smile!


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