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Best excercises for lig stretching

Best excercises for lig stretching

I recently read BIB’s lot theory. Really good stuff. Judging by my LOT it is very strong at 12:00(pulled toward stomach) and gradually fades out to almost nil at 9:00 . This would lead me to believe that I have a significant amount of inner penis to expose ( still have a high LOT after gaining 3/4 of an inch over two years ago) If BIB’s theory is correct then I should be focusing more on stretching the ligs until my LOT is lower. This group is very knowledgeable and I was wondering if any of the pros could tell me the best exercises for stretching my ligs other then hanging? I thank any in advance for their input

Do a search.


cute answer SS4Jelq. I tried a search under lig stretching prior to posting and too many items came up that did not offer what I was looking for. The ones that did come up that might fit where from guys who are relatively new at PE. Not that I do not value their thoughts but I am really looking for veteran advice. I have a good idea myself what I should be doing (I have been knowledgeable about PE for some four years) but was looking to see if others who have had similar experience and the gains to prove it thought the same. I suppose I can go over the thousand or so posts that BIB has done and will probally find what I am looking for , however most of his expertise is in hanging and do to lack of privacy etc hanging is not an option for me.Thanks anyway


Search results - Manual stretching AND ligs:


I’ve never linked to search results before I hope that works ok.

Anyway, the first result is the LOT thread, which you say you have read, therefore you should know that stretching down and BTC is the way to go for your LOT. The next thread is for DLD blasters, which you should read. Its really long so get some coffee!

Remember, hanging and manual moves both have the same outcome, just different ways of getting to it, so hanging threads will give you great information on angles, stresses etc, so they are worth reading.

Good Luck

SS4Jelq your the man . I found what I was looking for thanks for the help.


Hey jman,

I see you found what you were looking for but this is a question I have myself and I haven’t seen it posted anywhere else. I posted last week and only got one reply and it wasn’t enough. I just started a stretch routine in the morning and was playing around with different stretches and noticed a good lig stretch like I get when I do those DLD Blasters. I pull like I’m doing a normal stretch straight out. Then I take my other hand and push down with my thumb at the base. I don’t need to kegel to feel the lig stretch, I just apply more pressure. Try it maybe it will work for you. I give a post in a month or so with my gains.



You are doing a “V-Stretch”. They are much fun. Do a search for more info!


Whome and SS4 - I have been doing the V-Stretch as well and although it has only been a week or so I have noticed that my flacid size is hanging a little lower. Thanks for the info

Hello SS4JELQ,

I thought the V stretch was more towards the middle, this is at the extreme base. I don’t feel the ligs stretch when I do the regular V stretch. Please Correct me if I’m wrong.


It's pretty much the same.

I have always done them near the base as well, as it is where I feel the best pull. I tend to push down at the joint in my thumb, like a hook.


Hello Guiri,

I thought I was alone in here on this question. Thanx for the reply. I started this exercise a while back but only pushed down in the middle of my shaft. I guess its common sense huh. I also stumbled upon DLD blasters before I knew it was an exercise. I did them a couple of times and lost interest and didn’t think it was an exercise until I read a post by DLD about blasters. If I didn’t have guys like you and DLD or Thunders Place I would never be able to achieve a bigger unit.


Try pushing down at different points along the shaft. Really works the ole boy.

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