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Benefits of Heat in PE

You would give an aid to me?

Hello to all, they are new in this situated one. I have begun to ago make the PE approximately two months, for curiosity
And hour I mean to continue. I have not never had problems of some kind in making the exercises (annoyance or pain)
My routine puts into effect them is following: 5m- warm up 18-20m stretching 30-40 m of jelqing lubricated. (5 on - 1 off or 6 on - 1 off .it depends) Naturally the first month has been lighter my training. In the last days I have added to the stretching begins them a new exercise that I have inasmuch as fairies in many:ho hung mine pains with a weight from 5kg for 10-15 minute.I must saying that I do not try no annoyance of it pain, indeed are less stressful of the stretching

My measures are 18cm x 15cm Have some questions to make, if kindly dates of the answers: 1 it turns out to you are permanent? 2 having a penis already enough large, I will employ more time? 3 I must add other exercises or these for hour are enough (advised eventually which must add to me, especially for the thickness)
4 if I engage me how much time constantly I will employ medium for gain important? (Obviously the increase answer changes from individual to individual) 5 if a day you decided to stop, it turns out obtained to you I maintain them?
Thanks for the attention and excused my English! Hello to all:)
P.S.:However still I have not controlled my measures after two months of PE, will make it more ahead.

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Excused I had forgotten a question:the jelqing lubricated exercise is for the girth and length? (I still execute it to the 60%-80% of the erection) Thanks!


I realize your English isn’t great, but I’m sure it’s better than my Italian. :)

Perhaps you should look at the routines that other members use.

Two months is nothing, don’t worry about results just yet.

As far as I know, jeqling can be a girth enhancer, but focuses mostly on stretch. It really depends on how you’re doing it. I’ve read many different approaches to jelqing.

Thanks for the answer, much kind one! ;)

Originally Posted by gerrykjohnsons
Keep in mind, USB port devices aren’t usually allowed to draw more than 100 milliamps. In the prior discussions on this and other heat-related threads, the numbers were in watts. (100 ma x 5 volts = 0.5 watts)

I’m unclear as to whether a half a watt will do anything, particularly if it is spread over a few square inches.

This statement on the purchase form: “Originally $19.95 Now $9.95” makes me wonder whether the device was ever effective, e.g., they’re unloading them.

After reviewing the Petatech website (, I was unable to locate a datasheet on the heating element itself. Although, in all cases, the current supply was quite low. I’m unclear as to how one can achieve deep heat penetration over a fairly large area with such low wattage. Did I just say that above? Sorry.

I’d love to hear what you think when you get it.

Thanks for the info. If nothing else, it might be just a nice neoprene wrap :-)

Apparently they’re unloading them fast, too. The order shipped about two hours after I placed it. I will report on its effectiveness. In the mean time, still using hand-warmers :-)

Originally Posted by lallo

Excused I had forgotten a question:the jelqing lubricated exercise is for the girth and length? (I still execute it to the 60%-80% of the erection) Thanks!

The jelking (lubricated or dry exercises), helps to get more length and girth.

Dont forget the Kegels rutines!!

No hay medidas. Disculpe las molestias I am dick is under construction.

Novatos, Comiencen Aqui

I just spent a few hours evaluating the ThermaTex Wrist Pad.

IMO, close but no cigar.

No datasheet, either, so I don’t know what its maximum temperature is. Conspicuous by absence were no wattage or amperage information: all it says is 120/240 Volts.

It did heat up significantly, but it’s rather awkward to apply the heat where needed.

The pad inside is approximately 3” x 8”, but inflexible — or at least, it appears to not want to be bent. The sparse instructions didn’t address the issue of bending it. I also wasn’t interested in bending it to see if it would break. Perhaps others here with Thermatex experience can shed some light on bending them.

I did try the ice cool down. Veterans might already know this, but after heating (1 hour) and then applying ice (all under stretch), the flaccid length was the same as erect length for the entire time the ice pack was applied. This was described in one the reference texts as “freezing the stretched state”. Not sure if this means anything or whether it really did anything, but it definetly raised my eyebrows. (Sadly, this didn’t remain after removing the ice.)

All in all, I think those adhesive thermal wraps from the drugstore are much more convenient.

Found a cool link I thought I might share with you boys.

I have been doing some research on procedures, supplements, and devices that might aid the body’s natural healing process. I found some information about the healing properties of infrared light (not just “heat” lamps) and I knew this might be interesting to a few of you.

In summary, the infrared spectrum that exists below the wavelength of visible light is the form of light that stimulates mitochondria. Plants use this light to make energy from sunlight (photosynthesis) and it has been conclusively linked to healing rates in human tissues that are 1.5 to 5 times what is considered “normal” healing.

How does this relate to PE? Well, each time we “manipulate” the penile tissues we do damage with the hope that the body to heal itself a little stronger and larger then before. If we cause damage faster than the body can heal it, the tissue will atrophy (get smaller!). To aid in healing (and thus speed along our PE endeavor, we could use IR LED light to give the tissues a boost.

Just a thought. Whatever.

"Debate the idea..."

I recently purchased an infrared heater/massage and waiting for it to arrive in a few weeks time. Unlike the other ones I’ve come across that can only heat and massage at the same time this one allows you to just use the infrared heat. Here is a link


You don’t need to spend 1-2k on IR heating! As it was said by Dangleman in post #84 (I think) you can get an IR lamp,heating dome for just under 20$. That’s all you need and you get this at WALMART.

So whats the conclusion - IR heat or conductive heat i.e. heat sock, because I have just started stretching with the rice sock wrapped around my penis today and I though I’d check on here to find any posts and got this amazing one. But seeing that no one had written for some time, I thought I’d ask a question and give others the oppertunity to read it aswell! Has anyone, particularly Shiver, made and more length gains recently or since using the IR theory?

Hi Beenie169,

I haven’t been active on the forum for some time, and only saw this message as I had an email notification. When I was active in PE I was in the UK, but now I’ve moved to Thailand, and found that the physical characteristics are a little different, which to cut a long story short means I’m not looking for any more length. Unfortunately that means I can’t answer your question. There is good evidence to support the idea that IR helps speed cell metabolism and repair, and it certainly helped me reach what ‘felt’ like an optimal workout without having to use nearly as much physical force or duration, but whether it would have repeatable benefits in terms of the quick gains I can’t say for sure. While I would expect it to contribute, I would also have expected to have some people report back on it by now, since I’m far from the only one that ever used IR (although I think only a handful used the kind of ceramic impregnated material that was in my particular heater).


The bits of penis that we need to breakdown and then heal in larger state and/or undergo cell mitosis, are deep within though. I’m talking the tunica here. Is there any reason to believe any kind of light from leds or IR bulbs or whatever could ever penetrate that deep?

Yes. Depending on the frequency, radiant heat (IR) can get much deeper than conductive of convection heat. I think the only thing that can do it better is ultra sonic, though that’s not really home brew stuff.


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