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Benefits of Heat in PE

I just take my pump out after a warm up. Just get hard and use the pump. No more than 5 HG and wrap the tube in my store bought heating pad and it works just great. When done after 20 minutes jelq and repeat process for 3 sets.

Originally Posted by Jawoods
I’m new to PE and I was really concerned with damage due to the lack of heat, so I do all my PE sessions in the bathroom with hot water constantly running so I can soak it up and apply to my unit. I also wonder if you guys have ever tried heated lubes? I use Vaseline *cheap bastard* after I have let it sit in my running water. It worked for me.. I have been doing a modified newbie routine for almost a week now. Started at 6 9/16” and now I’m at 7” just doing jelqing. And the gains have been due to the heat and the warm lube. I never even considered heaters tho.

Can you compare this to when you were jelqing without using any heat?

No I don’t think I can compare to jelqing without heat. I thought heat was the most important thing, so I never jelqed cold. Sometimes I even see a gain after heating alone! I know that’s kinda newbie but it’s true. Now I heat before sex and it’s a lot better.

I have just restarted PE after a long break and realised that I hadn’t used much heat during my previous PE experiences.
My current routine is manual stretching and dry jelquing followed by extender wearing.

Today I kept my penis heated at every stage using a rice filled, rectangular, felt bag. It felt like a good work out.
The fastest that I have gained previously, was about 2.5mm per month.

I’m curious, has heat made a big difference to your gaining rate?

Do any of you gain 4mm or more per month since using heat in your routine?

I am a firm believer in using heat for PE. I have always used heat so I can’t give you a comparison between using it or not. I do gain more than 2.5mm per month. Over the last 5 months I have gained 1.25” or 31.75mm.

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Originally Posted by PE Engineer

I am a firm believer in using heat for PE. I have always used heat so I can’t give you a comparison between using it or not. I do gain more than 2.5mm per month. Over the last 5 months I have gained 1.25” or 31.75mm.

Wow!! Those are great results!

The only negative about using heat for me is the fact my skin becomes sore faster while hanging since heating seems to make it softer.

Originally Posted by PE Engineer

I am a firm believer in using heat for PE. I have always used heat so I can’t give you a comparison between using it or not. I do gain more than 2.5mm per month. Over the last 5 months I have gained 1.25” or 31.75mm.

Are your girth gains that consistent?

Good stats regardless though

Yeah, well, thats just like, your opinion, man.

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I’ve just ordered this, the heat source is 8”x2” so it looks perfect to wear on top of my extender.
I read that Far infra red rays penetrate up to several inches so I think that a one-sided element will be sufficient to heat all of the stretched penis.

I tried my Thermotex wrist pad last night, it is so much easier to use than my rice bag and I didn’t suffer the burning pain from hot spots in the bag.
The device is made from glass fibre with carbon Far Infra Red emitters which only emit the rays in one direction, covered in padded felt and attached on (the wrist/extender) by 3 velcro straps.
There is a high and a low setting - the instructions say to only use High for 15 minutes max. at the beginning of treatment then Low for as long as you want.
The device fits perfectly over my extender, When switched on, the heat is undetectible, it doesn’t feel the same as surface heating with a rice bag, only when I removed it and massaged my penis did I feel that it was working - heat seems to radiate from deep inside the penis shaft when you squeeze it.
I was worried about the FIR heating up the extender rods too much but that doesn’t happen.
The only disadvantages are that you have to remain stationary because it is plugged in to the mains and it isn’t the fastest way of heating the penis, I might keep using my rice bag in between stretches for a few minutes.

I payed £95 including delivery to France - A bit expensive but cheap compared to other FIR heating devices.

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Hey guys I was thinking. Permanent lengthening of fibres occurs with low force long duration stretches. I think, that for girth, the perfect session would be to have a MASSIVE erection for about 30mins, under heated conditions. This erection alone will put a “low force” stretch on the tunica, and one that is specific to girth. And there need not be any hand work done. Man this could work out to be an incredible easy session! Just sit there with a raging hard one(watch porn or whatever) with conctant heat(infra-red?). What do you guys think of this idea?

I am very glad that I happened to stumble across this thread when I did. For the past two weeks, I have used heat throughout the durations of each of my sessions and the results are definitely starting to show. I don’t want to assume too far ahead but it really seems as if I have gained more in the past two weeks than I have in the previous three months. My penis is much more relaxed and I no longer feel like I have to put an enormous amount of strain on it like I did before. Hopefully things will continue in this positive direction.

Guys, what would you recommend me, a heat pad, or an infra red?

Can you suggest me any particular model? I really want to start using heat during my PE sessions!

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Hey, can someone who knows their stuff about tunica tissue, tell me if this idea would work. Someone said earlier in the thread, that permant lengthening of tunica fibres is achieved with low-force stetches held for a long duration. I was wondering, would merely having an erection(with good EQ) fullfill this “low-force” stretch requirement. If it did, this means that having an erection, under these heated conditions, for a decent amount of time, would cause the tunica to stretch permanantly. Under normal temperatures the tunica would be tough enough to withstand erection presssure(causing a hard penis), but under these heated conditions it can not, and so loosens over a period of time(30mins?). I tried it last night with a reasonably hot shower(hot enough that it would be uncomfortable on the rest of the body) and I noticed that my erection EQ went down during the heating, which may signal the stretching of the tunica. I measured my girth after this(only erection and hot shower for about 30 minutes) and it had increase by 0.1”(5.25” to 5.375” MSEG)! So doing this alone gave me more girth than I’ve ever had before. I think that heat is the key to both length and girth!

Your idea does work, priapism - the condition where a man’s erection won’t subside for many hours, has been known to cause permanent enlargement and chemical PE is the man made pripasm designed to enlarge the penis with pressure exerted on the tunica by erections which last several hours.

Now if you can keep it stiff for 2-3 hours and keep it hot during that time, you will probably see growth.


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