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Being Told To Stop



Stick with your motorbike and have fun. You already have a good “peace of meat”, I sure wouldn’t spend hours in the bathroom doing PE if I had your measurements…


Originally Posted by beenthere
Have you found , in general, that the bigger and/or taller women tend to be able to take it better, and that smaller and/or shorter women tend to not handle it as well?

Can I play? :)

The vast majority of my sexual encounters have been with caucasian women, and with these I’ve experienced a pretty good correlation between hip width and cunt width: wide hips, tighter cunt; slim hips, looser cunt.

Anyone screwed some wide hipped asian women?


The moaning you get from the women is from your thickness I would think. With the thickness you have, any woman that doesn’t moan with you just isn’t a moaner period. Of the women who aren’t vocal with you I’m betting that at least some of these would be if you were 9” and more in length. When I’ve overheard couples having sex, when the woman is moaning like crazy I figured him to be thick but maybe not long,and when the woman is going ugh or grunting like crazy, I’ve figured him to be long but maybe not thick. As impressive as 8 1/2” length is, some women can simply handle that. If a guy with your thickness and length can’t produce noise from some women, then no wonder I had so much silence with 6 1/4 l x 4 1/2 g pre pe. Still though, there are guys posting that 7”+ in length and over causes their SO to go ouch—- I’m at that size now but I guess my SO just isn’t one of those. I’ll see if the vocals start coming in better when I reach 8 L :)


Do you think your perception of other dudes’ dicks, in comparison to your own, may be distorted?? I honestly think that there are only a handful of XXX guys with cocks much bigger than yours, volumetrically — and porn stars are *not* regular white guys.

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very possible about the length thing… I have to have a super erection and bone press it hard to get 8.5 with a ruler… I’m not sure what it would be like to be doing the same things I’ve been doing with a 9” BPEL dick but I’m more then willing to bet that in some cases, it would be better… I know at my current size most times my wife does not want me to put it in all of the way but there are times where she says; “now fuck me hard”! It all depends on the mood she is in that determines how she wants me to do it..

I’ve been loving the hell out of my new toy.. It’s red, fast and makes me feel as if I had a nine incher LOL…. It was a nice compliment but I maintain on a 6’ 2” guy who (now weighs) around 215 it does not look that big, at least to me… The one picture I took standing up seems to look average to me.. You can tell my hand does not go all the way around it but compared to my general body size it seems stubby and small to me…

I’m sure I do have a distored view of myself when comparing to other guys… It’s strange how the mind works (mine that is)… I have it better then I realize… I came here all fucked up with a premature ejaculation problem and now that it’s fixed I’m getting greedy… I’m certain if I could get myself to 9BPEL I would end it… I guess I had better get to work if that is going to happen…


Originally Posted by regularwhiteguy
very possible about the length thing… I have to have a super erection and bone press it hard to get 8.5 with a ruler…

Do you consider yourself 8.5? Here’s why I ask—- I know in my case I post that I’m 7 1/4 bpel now, but I don’t really consider myself that. The reason I don’t really feel like I’m a 7 1/4 is because I push so hard and push on the right side almost at the top of my dick—-that’s where I get my best reading without breaking the rules of measuring. I believe that if I was involved in a survey and getting measured by someone recording everybody’s measurements, that I would be lucky to be charted as 7”. This is because I would probably be measured at the very top(not my best measurement) and they probably wouldn’t push to the bone as hard as I do.

I realise the main thing is that I see accurately my growth, so it really is best to push hard. And it’s human nature to measure where I read an extra 1/4 inch. Actually, I think I’ve probably cemented an 1/8 of an inch more recently(this 1/8 was slow coming), which moves me from 7 1/4 to 7 3/8. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if a survey assistant would still only come back with about 7” because of their difference in placement and pressure. So in my mind, I just don’t feel like I’m over 7”. I guess I’m splitting hairs here, but I think maybe you see what I mean.

The important thing though is that I am growing slowly but surely. I’m in the 7” club even with my worst measurement. The 8” club is of course where I want to be next, but it still feels good to be here since I use to be a 6” club member. No doubt you are still an 8” member even if 8.5 happens to be your best measurement

Yes, I measure bone pressed on the top middle of the trout… If I slightly bend my dick down and use a tailors tape I can pull an easy 9” but that, is cheating… On a good erection I’m an easy 8 nbpel which is exactly where I started…


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