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Beginning clamper question

Beginning clamper question

I’ve been experimenting with hand-tourniquet clamping and now CableClamp clamping for a couple weeks now and have just been getting intolerably sore at the point of clamping much before I get any kind of really great pressure way beyond just a cock-ring hard-on or something in the rest of my dick. It’s a temporary soreness that only occurs while clamping. I’m wrapping well with different variations of cut up neoprene mouse pad strips or this cut off neoprene velcro strap from knee brace thingy — so it is not a matter of too much or too little padding or anything — I have experimented with all different kinds of thicknesses and softnesses of wrapping.

Is this a beginner thing? Does the soreness during clamping right at the point of clamping eventually go away quite a bit? Right now it seems like it is making me have to stop the process way before it could really be doing very much as far as girth expansion.

Tops of socks work great for most of the ones who wrap, including myself. You could also try edging in the clamp and release some clicks back.

It shouldn’t last more than say 10 seconds or so… In the beginning sure, it’s building up pressure, but you shouldn’t feel like you want to :faint: or anything.

You can always do the flaccid approach, but it has to be semi tight to be able to keep in blood when it goes flaccid so it’s fatter. I’ve always liked the far down clamping style more, because I don’t move around when I clamp and I get better reactions from it. It’s strictly within a given frame, and not throughout the day whenever.

Look at me though, I haven’t gained in awhile. That is about to change though!

So it was largely a matter of wrapping differently to get rid of this kind of pain for you?

One thing I really liked about hand tourniquet was that, although you couldn’t get as high peak pressures in dick with it because hand not strong enough or gets tired, you could sort of manipulate hand in way that made kegeling in more blood very easy. With clamping I feel like if it is loose enough to kegel then I don’t get any pressure buildup but if it is tight enough to possibly get good pressure I can’t kegel in more blood when I would like to. Are you able to kegel in more blood while you are clamped?

You said it has nothing to do with the base were the clamp is at.

I may be mis reading but your describing like an ache throughout your penis, mine usually seemed to be worse at the head. I only experienced this ache haphazardly when I’d clamp two sets at 15 mins in the a.m then a couple hours later do two more( at the beginning of the p.m session).

I think I would loosen up the clamp slightly and keep erect but not kegel and the ache would slowly subside or become bearable, at which point I would tighten back down like normal.

However logic seems to say pain should be avoided and I think the option that also worked was to stop and re warm up dick with heating pad.

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Originally Posted by vkn1
So it was largely a matter of wrapping differently to get rid of this kind of pain for you?

In a nutshell yes and no. Yes, because the sock is the softest and most comfortable thing I could find. No, because you’ll feel high pressure no matter how soft the wrap is during the beginning if you indeed clamp across as far as you can. The beginning pressure will subside (in your mind) (if you have numbness though, get out) and you’ll be able to relax more. It’s a crazy exercise when you first start out on it.

Originally Posted by vkn1
Are you able to kegel in more blood while you are clamped?

Well, when you clamp to the last click you can manage to get to you won’t be able to kegel anything in that would make a significant difference. Edging and kegeling at lower pressure (clicks) works better for that. When I start though I kegel and edge every click so it’s maximizing as I bear down on the clamp.

* I’ll also add that if you kegel under that much pressure (when you’re fully clicked as far as you can go) you’ll kill your erections.
*Heat up for 10 minutes, if you only heat up for 5.
*Heat during some sets too, if you have IR.

I also like to ice down during the last 5 minutes of my last session.

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Darn it, I can’t get clamping to work for me yet! It seems I either can’t get the pressure much beyond normal hard on at all, or I can’t keep it up for more than a couple minutes. I do not have any trouble with erections generally speaking. Loose, tight, in between, no matter how I setup the clamp or clamps, I can’t seem to get the pressure up high. Anyone go through this in the beginning? The most frustrating thing is not being able to kegel.

The trick is to find the right amount of pressure. Some guys can really crank it up and do fine, some actually do better with less pressure.

You have to experiment to find the right pressure for you! The other real trick is to find the point where you can’t get any more blood in through kageling…that is the “sweet spot”. Its the point where if you loosen the clamp by one click you can kagal blood in, then tighten it down one click and it HOLDS it in.

This isn’t as tricky as it sounds. I find the best way is to kagal WHILE you push the clamp down towards the base of your cock, while feeling the base on the stomach side of the clamp. If it is so tight that blood won’t pass past the clamp, the penis won’t expand, and the “root” gets expanded from the clamp pushing the blood back in that direction.

If it is too loose, you will get expansion, but it will leak back out real soon. The best way to nail it is to push the clamp toward the base while holding a hard kagal, then click it tighter by one notch. Soon you will find the right tension.

NOW…once you find it, you can kagal more blood into your dick by UNclicking one notch WHILE holding a hard kagal, push the clamp down firmly, THEN clicking it one tighter again.

You will see it when you get it right, because you can make you dick much harder than a normal erection, and blood vessels stand out like crazy.

During clamping, if your dick expands or you begin to loose the rock hard hardness, you can readjust that “sweet spot” as your girth changes.

Just be aware though, that once you get it right, you will create much higher pressures than normal. If you haven’t conditioned your dick well, I suggest keeping the clamp sessions real short for the first couple weeks and let the blood vessels have a chance to condition so they don’t blow out!

Good luck.
Oh yeah, make sure the sides of your dick are getting most of the compression by having the hinge aligned with the underside of your penis…it works far better like that.

Thanks a lot for all the advice. I will try these tips. I conditioned for a few weeks with hand tourniquet and got some pretty serious expansions (much more so than by clamping thus far), so I think I’m safe to at least increase pressures considerably where I’m at right now (which is actually partially limp most of the time :( - that’s how bad my clamping technique is so far. By the way, what kind of wrap do you use? I am finding it very hard to move around the clamp/shove it toward base without messing up my current wrap of mouse pad neoprene. I can’t wait to get one of those homedic wraps.

I know some don’t like to measure but for me it helped find the technique I preferred.

I tried getting hard and clamping and sometimes I would get 1/4” expansion and other times I would get no expansion past my normal erection no matter how many clicks I used.

I was so disappointed that I decided to try a different approach, I get a chubby flaccid and put the clamp on, kegel in some blood and clamp down some more, kegel, clamp and then edge for my entire set.

If I don’t keep edging my erection will subside within seconds.
I get more expansion this way, 5/16” on the first set and 7/16” at the end on the second set.

I can see why cialis or Viagra could be very useful with clamping now

Cialis is the best, IMO, for PE girth work.

Clamping shouldn’t be a painful exercise - are you wearing the clamp correctly with the hinge on the underside of your penis?

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I am new to clamping. All I can say. Shit this is
addictive! No exercise has given me any girth gains.
I cant say I’ve tried hard, but anyways…

First try I managed 5x3 minutes whitout any red dots.
I tried to increase the amount and 10x3 works fine as well.
I get +0.5” EG while clamping… I’ll clamp every other day
or every third day to start with…

Restarting everything.

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