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Before or after?

Before or after?

I was sat at my pc working and complentating weather to do my workout before lunch or after lunch,when something come to mind.

Now i’am no Doc or expert on the workings of the body,but i seem to remember being told that when you eat a meal alot of blood is needed in the stomach area to help in the digestion process.

If this is true then surely it would be more beneficial to do girth workouts(were more blood is needed) before eating and avoid doing them after a meal,and likewise length workouts would be better done after a meal when less blood is available so you can get a better stretch without being hampered with semi’s.

Has anybody noticed a difference in before or after meal workouts?Has anybody got medical knowledge on how much blood is needed to help digest food and could it have an effect on pe?

Not yet, but i will be one day!!

This is an old wive’s tale. Eat when you want. You have enough blood for both.


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