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before and after results...

before and after results...

I was curious for those PEing, what was your results before you started PEing and the results you have now? Also include how long you have been PEing.

Tomorrow will end the 5th wk of Pe’ing for me. I started at 5 1/8” nbp and 4 3/4” girth, and 6” bp. I currently measure 5 3/8” nbp and 4 3/4” girth and 6 1/4” bone pressed. Hope that gives you some inspiration. It sure had me excited!!! 1/4” in 5 wks!!!

Congrats! An inspiration to us all. Surely boosts my morale when I have second thoughts on PE!

hey wanting more, i was hoping you can share your routine with me?

Hey Newbie,

It’s really quite simplw. The first 4 weeks it was like this: 15-20 min of streching and 300- 500 jelqs. Begin with a hot compress and end with a hot shower. In week 4 I decided to cut back a bit. I now start wit a 5 min hot compress, then I stretch for about 12 min, 3 min in all 4 directions. Then I use the power jelq device for 10 min and then I hand jelq for 15 min and then I take a hot shower. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions- Wantingmore Oh, I do this 5 days per week and take 2 days completely off.

what about masturbation? can you do that after jelquing? Or does it effect PE

Effects of masturbation on PE

Doesn’t help and it doesn’t hurt. Most of the books and writings I have read indicate that it is best not to masturbate following pe. It is better to let your penis cool down on its own and allow the work of the jelqing exercise to settle in. Save the masturbation for another time when you are not going to be jelqing. The jelq also is intended to teach you a little self control so that when the intercourse occasion arrises you will be better equipped to hold of ejac. so that your partner can be satisfied. Self control is one of the primary facets of penis enlargement.

My Gains

I started at around 5” long and 5” around. Now, 7 weeks later, I measure a full 5.75” long and 5.5” around - Great gains I think! My wife notices, and I notice in both flaccid AND erect state. The added thickness feels and looks great!



Well, so far I’ve gone from 6x5 to 7.5 on length and just over 6” on girth.

I started in Dec. last year and did about 6 weeks. I too gained 1/4” erect. I was pretty happy with that. Unfortunately work has been crazy so I’ve been slacking for a month. Dam, I wish I hadn’t slacked, I could’ve had another 1/4”. This stuff does work.


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