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Before and after pics..

Before and after pics..

Do before and after pics exist? I have been doing some searching and cant find anyone with before and after pics. I would think those who have gained length or girth would be posting the changes.

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They’re definitely there in the member pics forum, even some side by side comparison pics. Hopefully someone can link you to them since I don’t remember who posted them.

edit: do and advanced search for the keywork comparison on the member pics forum and you’ll see some. Lord Base is near the top of my search and his picture showed a signifigant change after 3 months. There are definitely more in there if you keep looking.


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This are the closest I have to before and after pics even though I’ve been at this for liek 3 years now…But this is over like a 3 or 4 month period..: Alrdybig - Alrdybig’s Pics

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I don’t have any before pix because before I got into PE, I really had no reason to take close-up pix of my dick. That said, I made my wife a pre-PE cast of my unit for a Valentine’s gift several years ago. So I have a permanent record of my natural girth, at least (some of the length was not cast).

Search for my pics. Although the Before pic doesn’t have a ruler measurement, I think you can easily see the difference in length between it and the After pic.


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