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Beer gut

Beer gut

I know that by being overweight you could lose some size, or at least that was my thoughts. But what about if you just had a beer belly and basically a normal sized kid? Would that have any toll to pay on your unit?

Also anybody have any good results with hypnosis?

While you may have more fat cells in your abdominal area, fat isnt localized. IOW you gain fat everywhere, there just may be an abundance of it in an area, so only that area is perceived to be growing.

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Even though you may seem to have ‘just’ a beer gut, the fat is distributed throughout your body. Albeit most of it is around your belly, there is probably more fat pad that you had pre-beer gut. I have been working on getting to 10% body fat (that’s pretty low, shows your abs and all) and I have noticed things like rings and watches do not fit quite like they used to. Pinch anywhere on your body, if there is any thickness at all to the pinch it is fat. If you can almost press your fingers together it is skin.

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Being overweight doesn’t cause you to lose size, but it hides your size as your fat pad grows in thickness and your cock therefore looks shorter. You can determine fat pad thickness by comparing your non-bone pressed length to your bone pressed length.

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Good stuff, thanks for the information.


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