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been there...done that!...

been there...done that!...

….but I’m hoping to be there again…I’m a 38 year old male and this is my first post here…I’m pretty knowledgeable about pe in general but I’m always seeking out new or innovative techniques…i received my introduction to pe about 16 years ago…(in the days when natural enhancement was virtually unheard of)… when a friend of mine said he had recently began using a penis pump…initially i jeered and mocked him for being so gullible and naive as to get suckered into clever advertising campaigns in the back of porn mags— designed to feed on mens penile insecurities (or so i thought)…but alas…he returned about 3 months later after some dedicated use and said “hey man!!!—this shit really works!”…so i replied ….” dude, how much did you say they cost again?” and as you already know…the rest is history….

back in those days, i had no real reason to enlarge it …i was content and already possessed a natural 7nbpx5.5 and a received a decent share of envious stares in the men’s gym locker/shower rooms and i always was complimented by women…but i guess penis size is kinda like making money….”the more you have …the more you want to get”—-providing that it is possible to do it…..and its feels great to start this program again because i know from experience that it certainly is possible!!!

back then…i was an avid marathon runner (i still am today) putting in about 10 miles per day and in retrospect i think that excellent blood circulation was one of the keys to my success in establishing an optimal growth pattern …i began pumping about 1 hour per day (usually,after i finished a run)…and although i knew nothing of natural penis exercises…i instinctively had the desire to massage and stretch it every chance that i could get…i became very dedicated and addicted and soon had all my friends and even their friends buying pumps and stretching it…(i could have started a pe business for crying out loud…:) )…it was like a secret society that began to emerge from among us all…and thats the main reason why i was inspired to post today because i get that dejavu feeling when i browse the posting here…i commend thunder and/or its founding members and all the members of this community for an enlightening forum….its a real tribute to the pooling and sharing of individual experiences and the power of the collective knowledge that is gained from it all…this forum is like the mother lode of pe…those of us here can consider themselves to have hit pay dirt in the quest for pe information!!!

sorry,went off on a tangent there—-back to my story—-after about 1 1/2 years i achieved well over 9nbpx7…i feel that i was well rewarded for my efforts but there was a back lash of sorts….i had become too big girth wise…7 girth is dam near the girth of a soda can and i slowly but gradually began to lose sexual partners because… more often than not… it i was too painful for them to bear too many minutes of thrusting…needless to say i wouldn’t get the opportunity to shoot a pearl necklace unless it was done in the first 5 minutes or so…there were some partners that could handle it—and would become sexually addicted - but they were few and far between…and my sex life suffered to some extent as a result of this…although the vagina is supposed to expand to accommodate the girth of a newborn baby’s head… there is still a threshold point at which sex becomes a discomfort for most women…so i backed off the program but failed to establish a maintenance program…and i ended up losing a good portion of what i had gained over the similar time frame in which i had gained it….it was a gradual fade…sort of creeps up on you if you don’t pay attention…

so today…i stand at 7.5nbp/8.125bpx5.85 after almost 3 months of renewing my pe efforts…im shooting to regain what i once had before…(maybe a little less on the girth)….im alternating pumping with jelqing and trying some of dld’s blasters…im putting about 2 hours into this 4 to 5 days a week (that dld guy is like a pe genius of sorts)…its easy to see why dld is so popular and well liked…a helpful and well mannered personality that is reflected in his posting…thanks dld!!!!i had been a lurker here at thunders for about 3 months and finally decided to join up and participate in the community as time permits….i sense that there is more than just pe talk and information here…there is a kind of male bonding and intimate sharing that would not otherwise be evident elsewhere…a brotherhood and although pe should not be the main priority in ones life….it is a worthy goal to shoot for even if it is just for sake of achieving something and celebrating the victory….. the path that is traveled here is a good preparation and practice for achieving all the other worthy goals of any kind in your life…whatever they may be….in reality what we are doing here is establishing a mindset for success in life…peace everyone

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Welcome Super,
That a very interesting story about you and your friends being in a secret PE society. I didnt expect that twist.

Im sad to hear you lost your gains, its something that is not really known about because not many people have decided they have enough and stopped PE forever. I think more reports are needed like this to see if there is a trend between lost gains over what time period and after which techniques have been used.

Good luck with your future efforts, but I will give you a PE tip - You cannot gain anymore until you read the forum guidelines. This is a proven fact.

Thanks ss4, for my very first reply and welcome. Glad to be here.

I agree with you about the need for more statistitics on gain losses over time. Ive also just read the forum guidelines and will do my best to adhere to them in the future.

Hey SSI!

I’ve recently begun a campaign (no, not that one Bib :) ) to emphasize the importance of pure physical health in PE.

Essentially, I’m running and eating lots of salads.

My view, from the start, has been that unless you’re awakening with wood every morning, you’re probably not gaining.

A little over-stated, perhaps, but your post again re-affirms the connection between health and progress.

Welcome aboard!


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Thanks for the welcome, northstar.

Like you, I think its important to approach PE from a whole body approach and listen to your body as opposed to a rigid schedule,of course,you can always try to just target one area of your body but I don’t believe that it can ever be as efficient as a whole body approach.

It would be like trying to do sit-ups or crunches as the only way to get rid of your gut, instead of working on your overall body fat percentage through diet and cardiovascular in addition to the sit-ups.

Our bodies are very integrated biological systems,especially when you are on the cellular level of rebuilding tissue, so if you can understand that the whole are as good as the parts and vica-versa,then you know what i mean.

Of course, i am merely talking about optimal growth here,it really depends on how serious you are. I’m sure that you can just do the jelq exercises and whatnot (hanging,pumping,etc.) and even smoke and perhaps you will still grow but not as efficiently as having good supplementation that is specific to PE and a good cardiovascular program. The processes by which our bodies tear down and repair will be enhanced.

We need healthy circulation which we all know is very paramount to getting good results and lets not forget proper rest and days off from the workouts, because you have to give your body time to rebuild cells instead of stressing them all the time.


Funny,but i just re-read my opening line on my first post here and i realized that i said i was a 38 year old “male”

This, as if to imply that there were hermaphrodites and/or females in this forum :)

Actually, there are females in this forum which i find to be a very interesting and a welcome participation.

Guess your “gains” were temporary ones from your pumping. Had you cemented your gains you would not/should not have lost them ;)

It’s better to learn form other people’s mistakes than to learn from your own.

So, I consider it a lesson learned the hard way.

Perhaps my post will help others avoid that mistake and see the value of a maintenance program.

However, that trend is not an easy thing to really track because once people reach their goals they will tend to fade away from forum participation.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


i'd have to agree with Still.

Generally PE gains are permanent, although obviously with time and reaching an elderly age, shrinkage will occur if no maintainer is done.

However, after 1 1/2 years off, and at the young age of 38, this is not your case. Therefore I would also tend to think that the gains were not permanent.

Looking positively, having reached this size previously, whether temporary or not, may in fact make it easier to regain this ‘lost ground’.

Welcome to Thundersplace.


supersizeit (Love the name btw…I have to stick to the 99¢ menu:) *reaches in pocket to feel the 3 quarters banging around:( *))

You went through a pretty crazy PE past and I would love to ask you a million questions…As far as finding girls that can handle the 7” of girth…THEY ARE OUT THERE…*nudges Jen* hehe…If you would not mind me asking some personal stuff via PM that would be very chill. I am lost for how you lost those gains (hey I made a funny) In all my time in PE I have heard of very minimal loss after retirement but your sounds crazy…sorry for the loss…But you are in the right place to get it back.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

It does seem odd one could lose so much ‘gained’ size….hmm….


First of all - Welcome to Thunder’s Place. We’re glad to have you here.


Interestingly enough, this is the second time that I have heard from a person who gained via pumping that they lost gains. A friend of mine got up to 8.5 inches and then quit cold turkey. He shrunk down to slightly under 7 after about a year. He didn’t really notice it until his wife said something.

If you read Avocet8’s posts you will see that he understands this phenomenon. He said that he realizes that he will have to pump 3-4 times a month in order to keep his gains. I have been doing a lot of research on the tunica. It seems that the damned thing has a continung tendency to contact via the spongy cells inside. I get a small amount of contraction every day. I plan to keep up my PE - at least a couple of days per week - for the rest of my life if possible.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks for the welcome and/or replies…



Do I detect some doubts on some of the minds of my new found fellow PE brothers? :)

First of all,I liked to say that in any case, I totally respect the opinions and views voiced on this forum.

Whether right or wrong or
somewhere in between…it never the less
sets the stage for healthy debate.

This is especially true from seasoned veterans of PE and knowledgeable posters that have experienced and read much on the the topic of PE.

I suppose some doubt is a necessary probe or search for the meaning or validity of questionable information and this too is understood and was actually expected, after all, its a healthy line of questioning. Inquiring minds always want to know more.

Funny but I can say that if i had not experienced it myself I probably would be of the same opinion or doubt.

I suspect (its just a hunch) its also because everyone would like to think as optimistically as possible while they are en route to their desired goals…and not be confronted with some discouraging news from someone that had arrived at a very respectable size only to be set back and lose most of all that was gained.

Fear not my brothers!!!.

One only needs to to do as stillwantmore had suggested and that is to “cement” your gains as opposed to complete inactivity for fear of growing bigger.

However it is also necessary to address the methods in which gains were primarily achieved…perhaps we discover that pumping is a not a method of permanence but can still be used in combination with the others methods to solidify gains.

There is a lack of statistics for this type of situation because (as i said before) they are hard to track over time…

PE is still in a relatively early stages of development and forums such as this one can help to pioneer new advances even if they are not recognized by the medical community…

What i mean is how many people do we know that achieve it,lose it and then come back to regain it? Methods nothwithstanding.

Summing things up without going into much personal details…

All i can say is that sometimes while you are en route to goals or even after you have achieved them,there are life circumstances or other unforeseen obstacles that draw your attention and actually demand your attention away from the things in life that take less priority.

So in my case it … “PE” was the thing of less

I can only speak from my experiences and although we all have different body chemistries there is still some threshold point whereby they are similar enough to give the more or less the same reaction to different stimuli or lack thereof…

Therefore I reinstate and believe as a general rule of thumb that anyone that anyone that just quits all PE activity “cold turkey” (methods notwithstanding) will likely experience the same results to a more or lesser degree.

Dld,I welcome any questions in regards to this matter, PM or otherwise…feel free to contact me. I’m glad to be a member along side such fine and dedicated brethren.
this reassures me that what happened to me before shall not happen again in the future.

You can take that one to the bank.


If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


Re: been there...done that!...

Originally posted by supersizeit
…so i backed off the program but failed to establish a maintenance program…and i ended up losing a good portion of what i had gained over the similar time frame in which i had gained it….it was a gradual fade…sort of creeps up on you if you don't pay attention…

so today…i stand at 7.5nbp/8.125bpx5.85 after almost 3 months of renewing my pe efforts…im shooting to regain what i once had before…(maybe a little less on the girth)….

I cut your post down a bit in the quote, however,
I wonder if you will get the gains you lost back again just as easy as a “newbie” PE’er that sees massive gains early on that are in reality just getting back what he already had (eg, Penile Atrophy)?

Just a thought,

Loved going to Cuba! :)

I'm surprised that Americans can't go because their government says they can't!

As a few other people have already suggested, I would theorize that perhaps you loss of gains was due to the gains being garnered primarily by pumping. Obviously if one does not do maintenance, they will lose some of their gains, but in your case the loss was quite drastic.

I can only hope that my theory is true, because as much as I like PE, I hope to be able to move on one day (with weekly or bi-weekly maintenance)


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