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beating the horizon

beating the horizon

my tool when erect is never above the horizontal line and has a slight downward curve

It’s not painful but my dick is never above the horizontal line when erect (and I stand) .. if you can picture it… I’d like to do some exercizes to make it go a little up … to “watch me shave” as one song says…

jelq with thumbs down?

oh, I have an ED problem, but that’s in the sexual healt part if anyone thinks that might be related…..

not to be misunderstood, I’m looking for an exercize that would change the orientation in the root of the penis (which is obviously weak) , not something that will curve it up from the middle to top


I naturally point at about 10 o clock but when i kegel it goes even higher. More kegels maybe?

Perhaps doing erect bends upwards? Or jelqing in the direction you want your penis to curve? Over time, this may achieve the effect you’re after.

Becoming.... Godsize

my situation is 3 o’clock at best
will try more kegels and erect bend

other ideas? (kegeling while erect bent upward?)

I doubt kegels alone will do jack shit by themselves… you got to “direct” your dick in the direction you want it to grow, and over time, it will obey.

Becoming.... Godsize

That song (I think it’s called “dear penis”) is pretty funny.

It would be interesting to see if one could control the angle of the erection. Keep us all posted on your findings! Good luck!


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