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Beating discoloration with salicylic acid

Beating discoloration with salicylic acid

I’ve read all the sucess stories on here about the use of salicylic acid to get rid of discoloration, and yesterday applied 20% salicylic acid liquid and left it on for 7 minutes. The stuff sure does burn like hell, and it did cause the frosting effect i’ve seen mentioned, but today it seems to have gone completely back to normal, no redness/peeling or anything. Did I not do it correctly or something, surely the shedding should begin or I should see some kind of effect from it? I washed it off with firstly with baking soda mixed with water to neutralise (the part which hurt the most for a couple of seconds, am I supposed to do that?!) then just with water after leaving it on the entire shaft for 7 minutes. Any advice welcomed, thanks


As an experiment you could also try retenee micro spheres of the course of a few weeks, it doesn’t hurt, and it probably is better for putting on a sensitive area. It would take awhile though.

Originally Posted by bizzabolla
Any advice welcomed, thanks

I’d suggest that using wart remover on you penile skin is, how should I put this? Stupid. But that’s just my opinion. The person you really want to talk to is dano1122. He was around here a couple months ago. So he may not visit very often anymore. Perhaps a PM to him would get you the expert advice you seek.

Avogadro6022 said: “retenee micro spheres”

Did you mean Retin-A?

Saw some minor peeling today which actually really helped, I think with the pure liquid you might have to leave it on longer, will give it a try and report back, no side effects at all by the way.


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