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Basilar Fulcrum Stretch

Basilar Fulcrum Stretch

This stretch is one I thought of a few weeks back…… Give it a try. It works great…

You must be warmed up and and totally flaccid for this one.

While lying flat grab behind your glans as usual setting up for a stretch, I use my right hand. Initiate your stretch and pull as hard as you can straight out. I then use my left hand with an overhand grip grab the extreme base (while pushing the hand hard into the pelvic bone) then grip very very tight. Tilt the base hand (left) slightly to the right then slide the right hand (flat on your abdomen) next to your shaft ensuring that the left hand thumb is resting on top of the right hand. do not loosen your grip. Then tilt back to the left using the right hand as a fulcrum point, exert a fair amount of pressure ( tilting hard left as if trying to touch your left hip with the head). Repeat this to the right holding this stretch for at least 30 seconds each time. I do 5 sets. If done properly it is a very intense stretch.

I don’t get it.

^ Me neither , anyone able to give a better description of this ?

Originally Posted by Sea Eagle
^ Me neither , anyone able to give a better description of this ?

Well congrats for digging out this thread! :D

He basicly stretches over a fulcrum point at the base.
One hand stretch other hand create a fulcrum. In his case at the base which I guess he means with basilar.
He seemd to have a thing for making it complicated lol

A little :) , thanks .

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