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Base Girth

Base Girth

Hey vets,

I have noticed that the upper and mid shaft has been gaining faster than my base. I don’t really want to make myself have an odd shaped cock. Is there any workouts just for the girth at the base? I am jelqing and doing some squeezes as well as stretches 3 on 1 off. Right now I am at 5.25 EG at mid shaft and 5 at the base. When I started PE-ing, I was an even 5 all the way up.



I think maybe if I cut the flow of blood from under the scrodum, kegel in enough blood and sqeeze down, I will get the pressure at the base that I need? Any suggestions????


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Hanging is known to increase base girth. Just a thought.

Thanks, I will have to look into that. The Bib hanger is the most comfortable? I have a low lot but if will also increase girth at the base, then I will give it a shot.

You may also want to try some BTB (behind the balls) jelqing.


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I think your gains might even out over time, remember, base girth is only lagging behind by a quarter of an inch, if the difference between the two continues to grow more as time progresses, then maybe you will have a problem but things do have a way of evening out over time.

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I´d agree with Gandolf.

Imagine that your dick is a thick balloon that has even pressure along the length of it, if a section, in between the end and the source of the pressure keeping it erect ends up smaller than the rest of the shaft, then the pressure from an erection is going to be greater in that enclosed area, which may even it out.

When I first started doing girth work, I ended up with the whole shaft with the exception of the base being 1/8” bigger. Over time, the base has now grown to more than the rest of the shaft.

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