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Base Girth Advice

Base Girth Advice

So far PE has been treating me okay. I’ve been on and off the wagon; however, I’ve gotten consistent again. My only problem has been base girth work. My unit doesn’t react well to clamping or pumping, both have shown negative effects. Any advice on increasing base girth, since jelq’ing has caused a baseball bat type effect?

A baseball effect is good my man, It looks better IMO and girls go for it. I wish I could get mine to do that! Just keep jelqing, and pumping if done light shouldn’t cause problems.

Perhaps hanging will increase the base girth. Happened to me. I seem to recall this theory floating around.

Hanging didn’t do anything for my base girth.

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Hanging caused major discoloration for me :( . My unit only reacts well to manual exercises at ths point.

I think vaccum based hangers get rid of the discoloration problem that is seen in Bib-style hangers. Unfortunately, vaccum hangers have fluid buildup issues.

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Yes, hanging increased base girth a substantial amount for me as well.

When I used a capt’ wench a ways back I saw gains in length (about .25”); however, I saw no gains in girth :/.

when jelqing you need to hit the base man.

this is common sense.

get deep when you jelq.

8.5'' here we come!


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