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banana curve up?

Originally Posted by muttley
I mean that in the nicest way. My wife’s image of the perfect penis is one with an upward curve. Mind you she thinks mine is the best one ever, but after seeing the possibilities PE may have, she’s liking the notion of an upward curve.

I think there was a poll somewhere that showed that the upward curve is most preferred by women.

Don’t quote me on that though.

Until I found out about PE in April I thought everyones’ Penis had an upward curve.

It sounds like we have about the same amount of curve too Rambone as my measurements vary by 1/4 inch.

Personally I like my curve. I just need to get rid of these Thromboses.

Yeh, I like my curve aswell & an upward curve is much better for stimulating the g-spot then a straighty.

I should start a ‘Keep the Curve Campaign’…lol

But how much is too much?

I’m starting to think that I’ve got too much of a curve.

How will the vagina react when there is “empty space”

At some parts? Will it do good or will it be worthless?

I think curved ones look hornier, so I quite like my current shape :)


Originally Posted by rymdrattan
Bró! I got the same problem, but instead of fighting the curvature.
I’m going to get even more length to compensate the curvature! :D


My thoughts exactly!! :-)

Originally Posted by BCH
Be glad with the upward curve. Mine curves downward, and I too (the grass is always greener) would like the straight or up curve :) The downward is actually better for getting a b/j :)
Actually, I have wondered what exactly causes these curves and if they can be stretched. I have never pumped, but thought that that should stretch the shorter side out????

The grass IS always greener. I too have a blasted downward curve. Its not good for much…..except apparently for blow jobs. I would trade for a upward curve any day. Im gonna start a thread.

More preferred by women, in general, and statistically more prevalent. I can’t say if yours is an extreme angle - you’d have to post a pic (in the appropriate subforum, mind you). But if it’s just a slight curve upwards, I’d say you’d be a major fool to mess with it. I have one and I am sooo thankful for it. We think BIG, but a woman generally desires HARD, and a slight upward curve reinforces to a woman that you are, indeed, hard and excited. So that is attractive to them. I can guarantee that does more for a woman in general than the visual of an extra 1/4”. BFD, I am sure they’d think.

Wow..thread revived from the dead. Haha

For those of you with the upward curve like me it actually works wonders with g-spot stimulation and who cares if it appears shorter it doesnt measure shorter. Trust me keep the curve

Originally Posted by large4life
Wow..thread revived from the dead. Haha

Your right! I didnt even realize this is a two year old thread.

Yes, the upward curve kicks ass. I was just with this girl who claims to have never had an orgasm without clitoral stimulation during intercourse. Well guess what? I gave her two amazing orgasms with my banana curve. :D I’m telling you, this upward curve is money. Why would you want to get rid of it?

Start: 7.2" BPEL, EG = 5"

Current: 7 7/8" BPEL, 7" NBPEL, 8" BPFSL, EG(midshaft) = 5 5/8"

Goal: 8" NBPEL, EG = 6.5"

Are dicks really, on average, straight like a ruler? I always thought the average dick has a little upward banana to it.

Yea I have an upward curve and I am happy with that. Cos my girlfriend really likes it. I am a member of this site for long time but I didn’t start to make it bigger yet. And I want to start as soon as possible. Will it change my curve if I do newbies routine? I know I should search more about this on threads. I don’t wanna lose my upward curve ;)

Luckily for you Fella, Curvature is extremely hard to correct. I doubt you’ll correct it on accident.


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