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ballzinger, testosterone and hairloss

ballzinger, testosterone and hairloss

I understand the ballzinger increases our testosterone levels - which IMO is a clearly good thing. However, I have read recently that high testosterone can lead to hairloss (on the head, not the body) and am worried about this. Having recently started to thin on my crown, I do not want to exacerbate this problem further.

If my understanding of testosterone’s effect on hairloss is wrong can someone please put me right, and if not, then any constructive advice/opinions are as ever, very welcome!

thanks to the group

Male pattern baldness is due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is created from testosterone by the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase. When present in the hair follicles of the scalp, in men prone to male pattern baldness by heredity, it does cause the hair to fall out.

It makes sense that an increase in testosterone level might cause an increase in DHT.

If you’re concerned about your present level of hair loss you might want to check out and also search Thunder’s Place (search button top right of every page) for DHT, finasteride, or Propecia.

As far as I can tell by my readings, only one person, on another PE forum and of dubious integrity, has claimed a measured increase in testosterone by using a Blakoe ring. I can’t see physiologically how a small electric current in the skin of the scrotum can cause an increase in the production of a hormone known to be controlled by the pituitary gland.

thanks westla - I appreciate your quick and intelligent reply mate.

Do you reckon weightlifting will increase hairloss also? I ask this because of the correlation between lifting and testosterone levels.

cheers again

Do not lift weights, it will make all your hair fall out.

I have spent the better part of the last hour searching the Internet for a credible site (medical study, etc.) that says there is a correlation between testosterone levels and weight lifting. I haven’t found one. I did find a few bodybuilding sites, usually not the most professional ones, where it was suggested that lifting would increase testosterone, but I’m more inclined to believe that’s a myth.

The sites that are not selling supplements or are not done by one guy with free web space don’t perpetuate this statement. Here is a good explanation of testosterone production and regulation. Nothing there about lifting weights to increase your T.

However, if you take steroids or the supplements that supposedly increase testosterone production (usually false claims - remember that T production is controlled by the pituitary gland), and your level of T goes up, then there would probably be a correlation between T level and hair loss.

Lifting weights, in and of itself, shouldn’t make your hair fall out.

Originally Posted by jm

Do not lift weights, it will make all your hair fall out.

Yes, Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and all those other guys must be wearing wigs!

thanks again Westla. The support/advice given by most of the guys at this place is always an awesome help to me and I guess many others.

I take it your own assessment of the Ballzinger isn’t a very positive one Westla? why is that bud? have you not experienced the things other guys have reported?

Thanks again bud


If you weight lift and take supplements that increase testosterone levels and you are losing your hair to dht “male pattern baldness” it does seem to speed the hair loss up. But if your one of the lucky guys that doesn’t really get male pattern baldness to begin with it’s not going to effect you. The guys at my gym who take roids are mostly balding or losing hair, a lot seem to have shaved heads. I just started taking finasteride before my thinning hair became all that noticeable and after a month and a half my hair shafts are a lot thicker.
I’m very happy about the results and thank westla for the good advice on the product.

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Originally Posted by wondering if…

I take it your own assessment of the Ballzinger isn’t a very positive one Westla? Why is that bud? Have you not experienced the things other guys have reported?

I’ve never worn one. My evaluations come from my knowledge of human physiology and the lack of confirmed, frequent positive statements from members here. Only a few guys believe something is happening, but none have had measured testosterone levels and the rest of the claims (harder erections, more ejaculate, etc.) are subjective and not measurable. I lump the ballzinger in with magnets and directed Chi as things that work if you believe in them, but without much, if any, scientific proof of their efficacy.


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