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Ballzinger/ROP collection

Ballzinger/ROP collection

Do many other’s have more than one?

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All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Thats a few ROP’s/BZ’s, I quess it worked for you.

Seems like it’s the answer to everything for some,

a total waste of time for others.

I’m always looking for ways to up my T,

figured I’d build one for kicks but I could find the pure zinc.

UD, it never seemed to raise my T, just increased bloodflow like crazy. I have a semi 24/7 when I wear it; it keeps me at about 20%, and I can get 100% in a matter of seconds. I would think that after time it would have a positive effect due to the lack of shrivle to extreme flaccid state.


Where can i get solid copper? or Home Depot

I got the Zinc solid rod (6”) from McMaster part# 3606K1 for $6.54 each
and you can get copper solid rod (12”) there too part#8965K141 for $7.72 each.
Material Alloy 101 Oxygen-Free Copper Diameter 3/8”

Or there is always 3/8” O.D. refrigerator (food) grade copper tubing from Home Depot, they only charged me $.99 cents for 12”

1/4” I.D. latex hose from Lowe’s (Home Depot doesn’t have it anymore) - $1.40 / foot.

Very easy to get and make

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.


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