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This technique definitely has some benefits. I’ve recorded my largest erection to date after using this technique for about two weeks. The only problem is I’m so full of pleasure hormones I only want to eat ice cream, ingest nicotine, watch porno, and drink beer all day. Good thing my girl friend comes over tomorrow so I can get some release.

Anyway there are some posts dealing with the technique, it is definitely the most pleasureable form of PE I’ve ever tried. I’m still doing my stretches too, by the way.


are you gonna shine some light on the technique? I’m anxiously waiting for it.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

There are other posts dealing with the technique. It is from the wacko Dr. Lin. Basically involves bringing yourself close to ejaculation nad then doing something similar to a reverse kegel and hold it as long as possible, and then repeating this whole process three or four times. The idea is that your dick gets filled to capactiy repeatedly and therefore its potential for larger erections is enhanced.

If you do a search on ballooning you will get some better explanation. I know the Dr. Lin guy is kind of a crack pot, but what the hell it feels good and I measured growth doing it, so I’ll continue it awhile it see what happens.

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