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Hi Guys

I have been getting some good results from a jelqing/jai stretches/uli combination. I have been “playing around” on and off for a couple of years with now-and-again effort and little results. I’ve been doing this regularly for three months now and have noticed that I’m beginning to get both longer and thicker and my wife is commenting (WOW! Almost TOO big!). I noticed erection problems when I did PE everyday and so I went to one on/one off and things are fine now. I have seen the topic of “ballooning” mentioned and I would really like to get a proper “how to” and “what to expect” from someone. I’d be really glad for tips and would love to give tips myself if it turns out that I have any (humble).


Ballooning as I understand it refers to stimulating just to the point of orgasm then stopping, many times, over a long period of time. This can be done while masterbating or during vaginal sex, but I believe the feeling is you will balloon greater during sex. I assume it has to do with the level of arousal.

For what it’s worth, I often jack just to the point of orgasm prior to doing girth work. You can really see the blood flow in and expand your shaft.


Thanks for the tip. Is there some kind of massage of the area under the scrotum? In one place, it said that you could uncover a “hidden two inches” of penis that usually lies inside the body. Sounds almost too good to be true, but then again - the whole thing is working for me so I’ll give it a try. I also use kegels and something like a “horse” for girth. I have learned such a lot from this board. Before I came here, I just had some kind of primative jelqing variation…no stretches, no horses, no kegels. The only problem I have is that my balls are too high and too close to my body…perhaps I should try stretching my ballsack down? Thanks again to the whole board…all this stuff is wonderful!

Any more tips on ballooning are more than welcome.

Killer, if you haven’t already, I urge you to check out this wonderful, cutting edge thread-

Point at which you feel kegal

Apply this to your own situation and you are on your way to maximizing your gain potential…

Killer, you must have been visiting I ordered his cd and man, his stuff is hard to understand. I wish someone would come out with a regular english guide to his methods instead of having to decipher changlish. Anyway, as for balooning, I haven’t gotten an extra “2 inches” to pop out, maybe a half an inch. I just go to the point of orgasm, and stop stimulation/reverse kegel so I don’t blow it. Massaging around the base helps a lot. I think the theory is that too much stress around that area triggers the prostate to ejaculate, and that’s not what you want. After 3 or 4 close calls I have noticed my penis is a lot bigger and a lot harder. Maybe you have to do it for a lot longer than 3 or 4 times, but I don’t have the patience. Also, it only seems to work while having sex. Beware of your partner getting frustrated cause you had to pull out.

killer71- You can, without any doubt, stretch the skin of your ball sack. Actually it will occur somewhat quickly. Skin is easy to stretch, just grab and pull in opposite directions with your hands.


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