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Ballooning Injuries?

Ballooning Injuries?

Quote from,

“If you practice this technique frequently,
the stretched or expanded spongy tissue will be enlarged and strengthened. With
the help of Power P, you’ll be able to balance the sexual hormones and avoid over-stretching and deforming of spongy tissues.”

Now, I really don’t want to buy a product from them, so I was wondering if I could balloon without taking suppliments… Because I don’t want a deformed penis.

You can balloon w/o buying anything, I’m just starting out on it myself iv’e been edging for years. I thought the two were the same thing.

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Just finished for the first time

Hey, I just finished ballooning for the first time, but after every time i felt like i was going to ejaculate, I did, but just very little. I was able to keep an erection though, but it was just every time I ejaculated a little ( 7 times). Is it normal and will I stop doing it after I get a hang of ballooning, and will I still get any gains is this keeps happening, because I dont want to do this if I don’t get gains.

Thank you for your time.

Some claim you get gains that is why I’m doing it. How long are you able to balloon, I can go for about a half hour.

Is your dick bigger than normal as like your regular run of the mill hard on.

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Kingpole, can you describe the technique please? I find it very awkward to stimulate the penis without touching the underside. Can you put a hand underneath?

You must be able to get a spontaneous erection first, then massage the base in particular, also the sides, testicles and fat pad area. Do not ever touch what is known as the “trigger zone”, I.e. The sensitive part where the head is. This is important as you’re meant to be bypassing this nervous circuit. Keep doing this until you’re near climax, but not too close, e.g. 30 seconds before. Then clench PC muscle hard and draw energy up your spine into your crown (top of head.) Press tongue to top of mouth and bring the energy down the front of body into area below navel. Only do this part once after every approaching climax. Once your penis has got to this stage it should be very hard, keep repeating the entire process maybe 5 times or half an hour depending on your own speed. You need to research how to circulate energy on the internet or elsewhere as it’s not easy at first, after time you will see it, I did this yesterday and had brilliant flash when it reached my head and was blinded for 30 seconds! Don’t forget how powerful the energy is.

So, how does ballooning work? What is the science behind it?

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Originally Posted by aom91
So, how does ballooning work? What is the science behind it?

Have someone give you a nice blow ;)

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You guys should all read the ballooning thread below… there is a LOT of information on ballooning there.

It is definitely not just edging… there’s more to it.

I actually had four sessions of ballooning this week where I did not cum, I say the energy levels I had afterwards was immense, I also had orgasmic like sensations throughout the days I did it. Monday once for one hour. Wednesday two separate sessions one hour and a half hour session in the evening. On Friday I finally did cum twice. So I begin again on Monday. So I went four entire days w/o cumming. IS that a good start?

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