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Ballooning Gains!

Originally Posted by kazooplayer
I can never get the clamp all-the-all-the way down, so I can still rub that spot perfectly - preliminary report, erections are extremely hard when I do this, it feels pretty awesome.

Mick, I don’t know about the other guys, but what I do is just a very light… hmm, flinch? Think of it as a reaction to the pressure in your dick, like there was too much energy to be kept in the front, so some of it had to travel backwards and it’s making your asshole flutter a bit.

Ha, also, try thinking of it as just above your anus, to the back, and focus your mind there when pulling LIGHTLY on that area. Once again, I’m sure other’s take a different approach to this, so hopefully they’ll weigh in too.

Um… I still don’t get it completely, lol. I’ll try to just figure out for myself later… but just to be sure… you’re not flexing this muscle like in a kegel right? You’re doing the opposite… like you have to take a crap?

Oh ya… I also just want to clarify the ballooning process. Basically you start like you’re wanking off… stroking up and down and on the penis head and stuff and also feeling the spot near the base. When you get close to orgasm you only play with the base part… doing this and also doing anal breathing, lol. You do this for as long as you can basically and you start to get really engorged.

Is that basically correct? How long from the first time you feel like you’re going to cum until you get significant engorgement? I just want to make sure so I know that I’m doing it right so I don’t sit there forever doing the wrong thing.

Thanks kazooplayer :) .

I just happened to stop taking caffeine from any source and noticed easier ballooning in particular and plain old erections of steel in general

Oh man, this is true.. I used to drink coffee everyday in the morning, than in the evening, drink some coke.. Now I stopped every drink that have caffeine. First week I had some withdraws symptoms like headache, feeling tired all day..

Now I noticed that my erections are much more fuller and hard, my flaccid is bigger and my anxious dropped.. Maybe I will use some ginseng do give me more energy instead of coffee!

No, you should be rubbing the base - the spot - from beginning to end, and you should try to minimize stimulating the underside of the glans (the spot that feels best, hehe.)

The flex I’m talking about is a very light one; what I do is put pressure down on the front side of my groin - not like I’m trying to take a shit out of my dick or anything, just enough to feel it - then pull up slightly on my anus… it’s a contraction for sure, but a very light one, trying to keep the surrounding muscles involvement to a minimum.

Once you’ve rubbed the spot and felt the pressure, it sort of becomes instinctual, and you’ll move the energy around in your dick (physically, I mean, with your hand) so don’t get caught up in the mechanics, just have fun with it and explore. Hope this helps.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Ok… well I’m just going to have to try this myself, lol.

I understood before that it was a reverse kegel that you wanted, but now you’re saying to contract which sounds more like a regular kegel.

I’ll experiment a whole bunch tonight and see what happens.

I looked on I didn’t find any exact methods for ballooning. What is the procedure?

I have been doing the ‘kazoo’ (an excellent name for this exercise) for the past few days.

The manual manipulation at the base of the penis is really interesting - at this early stage it seems like it is bringing a little more dick ‘out to play’.

The ‘anal breathing’ thing I am not sure what it does; as in it doesn’t feel like it is doing much at all really. Either kazoo or Bob mentioned earlier that the AB seems to open up a flood of blood into the penis promoting further expansion but I have yet to see that, but I will keep on with it and see if it comes with experience.


"Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

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I tried this last night and got some interesting results.

First I wanked it until I felt like I was going to orgasm. Before getting to the point of feeling like I was going to cum I tried the anal breathing thing and think I got a little bit of expansion, but not much. The real expansion comes at the point when you feel like you’re going to orgasm. I still don’t really have the anal breathing thing down, but it seemed to really work at some points. When I felt like I was going to cum I tried it, and it seemed to really open up some valves down there or something. It felt like there was a huge rush of blood into my dick… it got all veiny like when I’m jelqing or something… I didn’t think that was possible from something just like this alone. It felt really good actually… your dick is all pumped up with blood and veiny and you feel like you’re going to cum.

So… apart from all of that good stuff I did have some problems. First, I HAD to play with my glans to make any of this possible. I tried getting to the point of orgasm and then just playing with the base part and it just didn’t work… my erection just started going down and I didn’t get any ballooning effect. Playing with the base did feel good… and actually seemed to help the inflow of blood when anal breathing… but it wasn’t enough alone to keep me at the point of feeling like I was going to orgasm. So basically I was just jerking off the whole time I was doing this… and this worked… but it also made it really difficult. It’s hard to balloon when it feels so good and you feel like you’re going to blow it for like half an hour… it’s torture, lol. Also, if I got too close to the point of orgasming I would stop and lose a bit of my erection and expansion which isn’t a good thing.

So… I have some questions. When you balloon and you’re only playing with the base of your penis, how close to orgasm are you exactly? Are you on the brink the whole time ready to explode… or are you just like 80% of the way? It seemed that the ballooning really worked the best when you’re at like over 90% ready to orgasm. Also, why is it that you recommend only playing with the base? Is it because you feel this allows for better inflow of blood, or is it because it makes it easier not to cum? Oh… and if you are so close to orgasm the whole time… how the hell do you do it? Don’t you feel like it’s torture… and how do you keep on the brink of orgasm for so long? Do you never lose a bit of erection and have to start again?

Thanks for the help… I really appreciate any answers I can get :) .

So balloning is just jerking off without cuming.sounds weird?

I think the real intention of the anal breathing is to allow you to maintain when you feel the overwhelming urge to ejaculate.

I don’t completely avoid the underside of the glans, as I too would lose my erection if I did, I just progressively lessen the amount that I’m rubbing it, until, after ballooning for a while, I’m basically using my fingertips to rub around my glans.

The base should be rubbed throughout the entire act. The surge of blood you felt was a good sign Mick - I would have mentioned this earlier, but if you’re not getting expansion, or feeling pressure, this might be misleading, so I decided against mentioning it.

Mindframe, come on man - read the whole thread, and if you still think ballooning is “just jerking off without cuming” then ballooning isn’t for you.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

I’ve tried this a few more times, and the anal breathing thing really seems to be key. It seems to be what really pushes the blood into your penis when you’re ready to cum. The problem is that it’s hard to figure out how to do it exactly. I think once you actually do get it then you’re set for good… but figuring it out is difficult. Just to clarify one last time… are you tightening your anus when you do this, or are you opening it up… like when you try to take a shit. The latter is what seems to work for me I think.

I’ve also been having problems staying on the brink of orgasm… man it’s hard. The first time you get there it’s not so bad… but I’ve found that if you get too close to orgasming once… then every subsequent time you get there the feeling of orgasming is more and more intense… which makes the whole thing really difficult to do. So it seems like you want to get close to orgasming, but not too close or else that will ruin things.

Any thought on any of this kazooplayer?

My advice Mick is this - do whatever feels right to you. Ballooning not being an exact science and all, there really seems to be room for individuality.

As for me, if I push down like I’m trying to take a shit, it will speed me along to ejaculating in seconds - I don’t know how it helps you guys, but it certainly does the opposite for me. What I do is, push down slightly in front, and pull up slightly, to the back and up… hard to explain, but imagine you’re pushing the energy towards your perineum, and pulling it up to the base of your spine. Once again, though, whatever works for you, works for you.

Yeah, not cumming definitely becomes a difficult task, but if you can approach orgasm and stay on the brink for a while (one to a few minutes) and repeat this process, say, five times? That should be good enough, and you should see some serious expansion.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.


It seems to me that the primary object with ballooning is the end (super erection) and not the means (anal breathing, etc). For me, I don’t have to do anything but apply pressure near the notch at the base of the shaft and lightly stroke the top and bottom of the shaft in order to attain the “super erection.” The point is, by whatever means I’m getting the super erection, I am ballooning.

Exactly right, yes… the specifics are good, but the general idea is just to get that raging hard-on that gives you a quick size boost.

Have any of you measured larger yet?

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Leaving the method aside, what is the major difference between ballooning and clamping w/ edging. I mean, if one is getting a super erection with ballooning than one would be getting a monster erection with clamping. The only difference I can see is the period of time during which one can utilize each method.

Also, I’ve beeing going back and forth between the newbie routine, ballooning, and clamping. I really should just pick one and stick with it. But, I haven’t measured in a while, so I couldn’t say if I’ve gained or not, but I don’t think so.


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