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Ball zinger - new great (but difficult) idea for boosting voltage

It takes me four seconds. Expand the tubing with a pair of needlenose pliers and put the zinc or copper in, then pull out the pliers.


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iv stopped with the saline as well, hope to have the time next week to get some magnets & try that.

I looked at those jock magnets & insert in your fly mags., but reeely preffer boxers. Will be interested to hear how much the good of the magnets outways the bad of confining your package.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Well my zinc rod came in yesterday and today was the first full day of wearing it. Don’t know what I’m suppose to feel, but I do feel a very faint tingle. My magnum should be in this week, looking forward to trying that!



If you look at the Magnum you can see how it would just sit over your penis and the two longer wings can have some elastic bands hooked to them. So basically what I’m going to try is to wear it on top with the wings wrapped over the base of my penis and ball sack with the tongue hanging over the penis length wise!


Alright guys here we go....

First of all…..the hell with that target tubing it did not work for me…the surgical tubing worked so much better…I used neddle nose pliers, then i saw one of you reccommended that so I see I was on the right track. I was using the yellow latex workout tubing from target and i think beacause it was 2 ply (2 layers) it didn’t stretch as well.

Anyways, the surgical tubing from Lowe’s worked perfectly. Thanks Tom.

Now, the bad news. Because I used the target tubing 1st, I made a ball zinger with that. I think I didn’t make it tight enough so I got a nasty but small friction rubbing burn on both sides of my bag….anyonelse get this???? Make sure your ball zinger is SNUG!! so you can avoid this!!

IT doesn’t really hurt but there is some slight scabbing. I’m not going to wear the new one until this heals up. And besides supergluing my fingers together, I had no problems making the saline version. I test “pulled it” and it is very sturdy. Boy it is damn near impossible to make one of these things with out some needle nose pliers!! A tip if you are going to make the saline version is to first fold back the latex so it overlaps on itself. Then stick in the pliers to open it up. After you stick the rods in, simply lube up the base where the rod and latex meet and the inside of the latex with superglue, then fold it over onto the rod. If that makes sense, it works perfectly and holds well.

Also, I have a couple of questions for Tom or other ball zinging vets…

1.One more thing my copper rod is changing color like due to moisture or something, is this ok?? (I think the words is oxidizing)

2. As far as the long term, will I ever have to replace the rods or will they always continue to give “juice”??

3. Does copper rust? IF they do rust, is this bad for the skin?

4.Are there any long term risks/disadvantages to this thing?

5. Someone said thet wear theirs in the shower, would water have a negative affect on it??

Thanks guys

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BBS Questions

1)The fact that the copper is changing color is probably due to an abnormality in your body chemistry reacting to the metal. Your system is probably way too acidic and you should eat nothing but cabbage for the next month to balance it.

2)You will periodically have to recharge the rods. Check with Radio Shack to see if they have an adapter you could use on a 120 volt system.

3)Oxidation of copper is called verdigris. It is greenish in color and should have no adverse effects other than making your skin smell like an old gym sock.

4)Other than sterility, impotence and testicular shrinkage there should be no long-term risks involved.

5)In the shower? My God man, haven’t you ever read the warnings on a hair dryer?


ThuinderSS is such a a wet towel

C’mon, surely we could have had some fun with someone believing that…?

OK what was the questions [sic]?

I’ve have noticed the tubing gets skanky-colored, especially around the copper. So start with new once in a while. 70 cents. Big deal.

If you want to, run over the copper and zinc with some sandpaper or such every once in a while to polish it.

Copper does not rust.

With a galvanic battery such as this, eventually the zinc should get smaller and the copper bigger - or is it the other way around? Yeah, I think you’ll have to face the sad fact that Nothing Is Forever, but you may not have to face that for a while.

I wouldn’t wear mine in the shower for hygenic reasons. Keep yourself clean and dry.

BBS and others: I’ve found that trimming hair around the base of the scrotum makes the latex etc much more comfortable. But be careful as hell because that skin is unbelievably thin.

Testimonial, maybe

I didn’t wear my Male Hormone Enhancer (yeah OK a boring name but won’t it do better in the search engines?) for a long time, but started a week or so ago…

<gratuitous sex decription>

…still was a steel-hard even still as we were done and I took it out (she said “you’re still hard!”). That hasn’t happened too many times in the last ten years…every time I woke up in the night it was with this totally rock (and just “a little too long” :) hardon, and this morning the same thing….

So certainly it’s a combination of circumstances that made for a really nice [time]…maybe there really is something to this testosterone boosting stuff.

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Told you this was good stuff. Is it me or have you had so many ideas you’re not trusting them anymore?


I’ve just developed an aversion to this subjective “gee I think this is really working” pe talk. Either it is or it isn’t; you got a ruler to check with.

But this was necessarily subjective - sorry guys, I wasn’t counting spurts :-)

Re: Alright guys here we go....

Originally posted by bigblackstick

Also, I have a couple of questions for Tom or other ball zinging vets…

1.One more thing my copper rod is changing color like due to moisture or something, is this ok?? (I think the words is oxidizing)

You can clean off the corrosion with very fine steel wool - that’s what the Blakoe people included with the ring I bought. You need to do it occasionally to keep your voltage up.


Perhaps better than steel wool, a green scouring pad brings both zinc and copper to a fine shine.

What was I thinking?



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