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Ball zinger - new great (but difficult) idea for boosting voltage

Place to start

These are some electronic machines you can build your self with stuff from radio shack. One of them is very similiar to what your trying to achieve. I think you can learn a lot from this ladys machines which she gives you detailed instructions on how to build them & there applications.
If you get the time she has a book out called “The Cure For All Diseases” That book can change your whole life & how you live it.
Thats where these machines came from. She and her son created them.
Everything she talks about in her book you can try for your very own self. You dont at anytime have to take her word for it. She shows you how to apply it to you & see for yourself.
I have one of her machines my friend built for me. Its her zapper & it works. I have used it for years.
She has a simple theory. “THeres only two & only two reasons you get sick.” Weakened organs or parasites.
When you have the flu, a cold, or a disease its parasites. If you have a weakend organ its usually from toxins. She shows you how to test your own body & see exactly what parasite is making you sick with your own eyes & what to do about it.
She also shows you how to clean your body of toxins. Her stuff is very basic very safe, & simple & cheap. I know from experiencing the things in her book myself.
Last but not least it has everything to do with magnets & their applications & effect on the human body.…htm#Suggestions


I’ve read Hulda’s stuff, it’s interesting.


The Magnetic Pulser

I know the basic zapper is in the start pages! I put that url for the guys to see that arnt sure what your doing.
The zappers pretty basic.
I wanted you to look at this machine The magnetic Pulser & the Blood purifying machine. Hilda didnt design these.
Please go back to the url below & look at its Electromagnet Power You can pulse yourself with. It also uses A saline solution & has some warnings you might consider.

The Magnetic Pulser is a professionally designed quality unit, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate as per the specifications. The Magnetic Pulser (MPG) is designed to generate an intense (~43,133 Gauss*), momentary (~2.5mS) pulsed DC magnetic field.

For Gauss calculations, and an in-depth discussion on the
electrical principles at play with an MPG.

*This 43,133 Gauss measurement is at the inter-coil winding flux. Magnetic flux intensity follows the inverse square rule - the further you are away from the magnetic core, the faster the Gauss intensity drops off. At face of Magnetic Coil, the Gauss drops to ~6,000 Gauss.

NOTE: Please do not confuse this unit with permanent/ceramic magnet therapies, or with the EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) producing units!

Through the principle of induction, this magnetic field creates eddy-currents (tiny electrical micro-currents) in living organic material that contain an electrolyte such as saline. Designed to be used with the Silver Pulser or independently. Allows you to targets specific areas.

Magnetic water


When I first read your post, I thought it was Twilight Zone, but I did a search and stand corrected (what the hell - I’ve been sleeping on a magnetic matress pad for a 2 years). Do you use the water / have devices to magnetize it and have you noticed any effects from it?



My, didn’t that give me alot to think about.




I dont really know where its going either but I saw something here & in you that made me want to be in here. I really feel like its a new scientific somthing or another in the the stages of development that could just be very worthy to one and all. I have a gut feeling you are the person to take it there. LOL Dont you just love my scientific explanation?


Thank you.


Hey Thunder,

Never mind I just scanned some of Secjay’s old posts. Too funny. The board must seem much emptier without a hostile but loveable curmudgeon who is not worried about political correctness. Or is that redundant?



Yes I do use the magnetic water & I use the magnets! Everything that I know about magnets is from actuall Personal experiments & involvement with magnetic activity.
I personaly believe that Magnetism is the KEY TO THE UNIVERSE! Its one of the Great Secrets to Unlocking our World we live in. Im not A Magnet Nut Case either!
I dont believe anything about Magnets to be true that I havnt first hand experienced.
Magnets & there affects upon our lives is very very intresting. The more things you find out to be true about magnets the more intresting they become.
Actually Magnets & there applied use are very comman in eveyones life. We use Magnets & there applications on a daily basis & dont realize it. I think we take so much for comman. We dont think about how it got there or what its about. We just use it.
Thats never good enough for me I always gotta know why? I used to think that magnets stuck to metal. That was about all I thought about them. They do stick to metal but there a lot to magnets if you look. I dont know really a lot about magnets except for the BASIC THINGS ABOUT THEM.Yes what I know is only what everyone shouldknow about basic magnetic energy & how it is appied to our lives daily!
Heres just a few things that everybody uses on a daily basis that centers arount magnetic activity.

1.Gravity- Gravity is one of the largest examples of magnetic activity & how it affects our everyday life. Thats what Gravity boils down to is its you magnetically attracting to the Earths surface.
One of the very most important things to remember about Magnets is that they either are repelling or attracting at all times & magnetic frequency knows few barriers. Magnetic activity goes on & on & on & it never ends. But the basic thing magnets do is repel or attract. Like sides or poles of a magnet ALWAYS Repel each other. Unlike sides or poles AWAYS attract to each other.

2. Speakers- Everytime you listen to music over the radio or at home on your bad ass speakers, Your using magnets! They are one of the main reasons your speakers work the way they do.

3. Watch a video or a porn flick on your VCR. Your using magnets
First off the picture tube in your TV has two pair of electromagnets which vary in electrical current. This is where your horizonal & vertical sweeps come in . The average TV has about 2lbs of magnets in each one.
In your VCR there are 2 Large Electro-magnets driving the video tape
The video tape itself is coded magnetically in billions of tiny permanent magnets embedded in your movie that make up all pics & sound on your VCR TAPE
The head of the tape or movie is a small electro-magnetThat translates all the magnetically coded info on your tape into electric currents & sends them out to your speakers or picture tube
This is also the type of magnetic coding used on your hard drive of your computer, any floppy disks ,any vcr or cassette tapes and all ATM OR CREDIT CARD you use has tiny magnetic coding embedded within the strip.

4. Dont forget about electricity its basic properties & the way its applied within our homes is electric currents playing within Magnetic Feilds.

5. Our entire Solar System is held together witin a magnetic grid I only named a small few of how magnets are used everyday in our lives. I bet if you look around you will find tons more magnets already in use in your life. In fact we should make a big list of ALL THE MAGNETIC ACTIVITIES That we find in our lives. I can garuntee it would be in the hundreds before too long.
This post is long Tex Im going to start another & tell you a few experiments you can try yourself with magnetic water. Then you can tell us how they went. Makes it more intresting if you guys try magnets your self and see what happens.

I tried to delete this.

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Yep she has nonbelievers along with her supporters.

I happen to support her. I have good reason to. I have actually read two of her books.

I have in my possesion one of the zappers she gives instructions on how to make in her books.

Last but not least I have actually participated in the activities she aclaims to in one of her books.

There are few things that you think you know in your life that you have actually experienced. Most things that you know or think you know have been told to you as truths & you decided that you would believe that it is true.

Think about it! How many truths in your life are based on actuall participation? How many things do you believe that you know first hand and have formed your opinions from experience?

There surprisingly wont be very many.

Now are you posting about Dr Clark regarding experience you have had? Or are you just throwing out stuff you saw & decided you would believe? Theres a difference im the actual worth of theses two very strong Ideas both called beliefs or opinions. Tha main difference of course is how you have based yours!

Like I just said in my last post. I will go a head & say it again.

” Everything that I know about magnets is from actuall Personal experiments & involvement with magnetic activity.”

Anything I dont know about magnets! I wont be posting my experiences about.

What im hoping for is to be able to grow from this experience & share experiences with people who have done more than just read about it.

Everyone is allowed their opinion! But lets try & base it on your experiences with actual use of Magnets & what you experienced while doing so! Other wise it dosnt hold a whole lot of value to anyone.




Why do you try & deleate every post you make? Everytime you post something it seems when I go back you have tried to deleate it? Whats up with that??? :confused: :confused: :confused:


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