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Ball zinger - new great (but difficult) idea for boosting voltage


I’m using Califlora Calendula Gel by Boericke & Tafel in a tube. Calendula is also sold as an ointment in a jar don’t use this as it reduces voltage like the balms in my previous post. I’m hitting just over one volt with the gel.

The magnets are probably just a common alnico blend although strong for their size. They came from an old toy. From reading, the north poles of magnets calm or reduce bloodflow while the south poles excite or increase it. I tried different orientations in the zinger and by far the best for me was with both north poles facing to my left (a counterclockwise flow) on either side of the zinc.

I may experiment later with exotic magnets (ceramic, neodymium) with higher gauss later but at the moment this arrangement suits.

Thank you for for the idea and the zinc source. This is definitely one idea I wouldn’t have come up with on my own.

Later, Moth.


When I read Tom’s post I went to the Blakoe site. For a decades old company they relied heavily on anecdotal evidence. I could find no experimental verification to their claim that continual low voltage increases testosterone production. The one review I found on another site essentially slammed the ring. I ordered the zinc and while I was waiting I bought a leather ring as a standard of comparison since I had no experience with rings of any kind.

Information on how long before noticeable results ranged from days to six weeks.

Compared to the leather ring, anecdotaly of course, after two+ weeks, everything hangs much fuller with the zinger, a very heavy sensation. I’ve gotten some facial blackheads, nothing major but I’m 42 so there is definitely something hormonal going on. Strength in the gym is noticeably up and recovery rate is faster. The capper however was my last orgasm. Usually I have one or two strong spasms with an indeterminate number of smaller ones. This time I was rocked hard five times (I think it was five I was kind of not there at the time) with some pretty major aftershocks.

Nothing objective but personally I’m going to stay with this one and see where it goes.

Later, Moth.

Hey Moth,
What I was wondering is whether the current is responsible for the effects or the introduction of more zinc/copper through the skin, near an area where the zinc would be most effective, I guess.
Zinc is known to be a good supplemet to increase T but can be dangerous in high doses because in depletes copper, the same two elements that the ring uses. Just curious. What does the Blakoe site attribute the effect too?

BTW, welcome aboard !!

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Hey Thunder,

Thanks for the welcome.

Blakoe attributes the T effect to the current flow. They are unable to substantiate this or even suggest a viable mechanism that would make it possible.

I don’t think in my case that the results I’ve experienced are due to mineral absorption. It’s my understanding that significant physiological responses to essential elements only occur when a state of depletion already exists in the body. Prior to the zinger and continuing during it I’ve been taking extra zinc and copper. It’s unlikely that I was depleted in either so if I was getting more from the zinger my body would just flush it out.

I don’t understand it and don’t know where the curve I’m on will level but I’m enjoying the ride. It’s definitely a helpful adjunct to my PE training.

Later, Moth.


How do you tell which end is north on a tiny magent?


Use a compass. Orient the compass to point to magnetic north. Hold the magnet up to the compass. The north pole of the magnet will leave the compass needle where it is. The south pole of the magnet will swing the needle around 180 degrees.



Gee, that’s easy… :confused:

2 questions:

Have you experiemented with placement of the metal - top & bottom vs side to side (I note better contact top and bottom, but can become uncomfortable)?

Also, what toy had magnets in it? I’m trying to think of something around here I can raid. :D


I’m pretty much wearing one version of the zinger or another constantly so, yes, I’ve tried different ways. The most comfortable for me is side to side with the zinc on my left for some reason at 3:00 and corner to corner with the zinc at 1:00 and the copper at 7:00. Top and bottom was giving me raw skin spots at the bottom, the other two don’t.

The magnets came from a building kit.

There are alot of magnet suppliers out there that will tailor make what you want, if I decide to experiment heavy duty stuff I’ll go direct through one of them.

Have fun




Interesting you should prefer the zinc on the left - I do too. Going top to bottom, I wanted the zinc on the bottom.

As for magnets, don’t forget our old buds at - you vant magnets? We got magnets…

can someone mail me some of these zinc things I’d like to try it


Go to Tom Hubbard’s site and access the Potency Loop page. He’s got a link there that has the zinc. I called around locally to some plating shops and no one had anything like what I needed.

Good luck,



Just ordered my zinc from McMaster. I gotta try this, I already shoot like Peter Norths little brother. Combine this with my all day hanging rig & it will feel like I’v got a bionic dick. Just think if I ever end up in the emergency room ” Doctor, he’s got clean underware, but thats not all…”

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