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"Ball Zinger" for Sale?

"Ball Zinger" for Sale?

Hi Everyone,

I just logged on for the hell of it (hadn’t been here in months!) and started reading Tom_Hubbards new post on the Ball Zinger. I am so impressed by all the POSITIVE feedback with NO AGENDA behind it (i.e. unbiased) I just want to thank everyone here for contributing.

In addition I’d like to purchase one of these if anyone has started making them or can lead me in the right direction. I never PE anymore since I don’t have the time nor the privacy. I did gain and inch real quick and then stopped (I guess 7.25 X 5.75 is fine but some day 8 x 6 would end my complex - I guess!)

Anyone who has more positive feedback on this please share and let me know where I can purchase one already made.

Thanks Again!


Just curious

…why you don’t want to make one. The hacksaw is a little awkward if you don’t have a vice to hold the piece, and if you don’t want to buy a hacksaw you can just get a hacksaw blade and wrap it in cloth for a handle.

Surgical tubing can be a bit of a chore to find. Lowe’s has it. It’s also used in slingshots - a bit mnore expensive, but replacement slingshot parts should be at WalMart.

As for the copper tube, I’d be happy to send a piece ready to go if you’re in the US - I had to buy a coil of the damn stuff. PM me with your address if you want me to.



You didn’t mention how the Zinger worked for you. Positive results?


My main problem is wearing it for sustained periods, because of irritation on the bottom of my scrotum - pinching. But I definitely feel it - kind of a chi feeling. I’ve only started using it again recently after a very long time - whenever we first developed it.


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