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Ball Stretching

Ball Stretching

What would be the reason anyone would stretch their scrotum? Is there any advantages for penis growth (width or length) by doing this? If so can anyone tell me how to make a stretcher for my scrotum?

There isn’t an advantage for penis growth. One could decide that his balls are to small in his opinion. Getting a larger sack will make the illusion different. Another common reason is that a guy has the opinion that his balls are attached to closely to the body, making him look like he has no balls. Then he could start stretching it to make it look bigger and attach it more from his body. Finally, a bigger sack leads to a bigger package.

Hope this helps

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You beat me to it, I was wondering the same thing.

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There are a few claims in the foreskin restoration world that once enough skin is ‘restored’ the scrotum drops a bit and testicles have increased in size. Just throwing that out there… :)

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You can make a very effective “sack stretcher” with the grip portion of a golf club and a “you” shaped piece of plastic (about 8”) You cut the golf shaft just below the grip and the “you” piece is designed in a way as to fit the grip inside the channel. Drill a hole into the golf grip and through the “gutter” piece, use a bolt with a wing nut attached.

The golf grip sandwiches the excess scrotal sack inside the “gutter” piece and then the wing nut is tightened down, the hold is very similar to the gripping ability of your hand, you can attach weight or position it between your thighs and apply vigorous stretch for 10 to 15 minutes. In two or three weeks at 3 to 4 times a week you will have quite the “ball and canopy” look you desire.

Lower hanging balls make you package look longer. It also feels good for the woman when they are hitting the clitoris while doing it from the back or her asshole while doing it missionary

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