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bad beginning


bad beginning

After days of lurking I began streching and jelqing and some ulies. Felt good, no pain, everthing was fine. But that night I missed an oppurtunity with the wife because I couldn’t achieve an erection. Two days later wood returned. My assumption was that I jelqed to aggressively.

Over the next two days I backed way off to light jelqing and streching. realizing I wasn’t getting morning wood I tried to manually bring myself to erection. Result no wood for the last three days despite my efforts.

As any of you who have had ED problems it can really get into your mind. You begin to question everything including your manhood. A very uncomfortable place to be psychologically.

I’m 46 years old and have a great relationship with my wife.

I’m open to, and would appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have. I will also update the situation as needed.

I don’t know if this will help you but it did me.

Start very lightly in these exercises. Pay no attention to what others do or did. Forget that so-and-so gained 2 inches by doing X. You are physiologically different from everybody here.

Take a few days off, get your morning wood back, have good intercourse, then when your sex erections satisfy you, start PE all over from Square One. Do a very light routine and quit. Then get a firm erection so you know you can, and just let the erection subside.

Next day, do the same routine. Get another erection after your routine so you know you can.

Next day, add only a few more reps of whatever. Three to five of this or that. Check your erection ability.

Add reps very sparingly each day and you will probably be just fine. Seems to me that if we can’t get hard right after we’ve finished PE, something was overdone. Easy to review what was done and change that excercise or routine.

PS: Don’t obsess about erections. It’s so easy to think yourself into Performance Anxiety. Listen to what I say. I was once the Performance Anxiety Poster Boy. :-) Relax. Let it happen and if it doesn’t then, we’ll talk. There’s a lot of good help here.



It's OK, Rooky

So many guys get the stressed weinie thing from over-anxiousness at first. I’ve yet to hear about a mild case not healing fully yet. But just give it time. You might be stressing out like, “Oh no! What have I done? Will it ever be the same again?” It will take even longer if you are freaking out about it inside.

Uli’s are a big no-no for a beginner, especially a 46 year old beginner. You gotta be kind to it when you hit middle age, Bubba.

It’ll be OK. Leave it completely alone, AND! - make sure you are:

*doing sufficient and effective warm-ups
*not jelqing or stretching to ambitiously
*have a good and safe jelq hand position and stretching hold (based on respect for the dorsal nerve region)

maybe you're pulling too hard

several posts have talked about people having Erection problems from intense stretching without properly warming up. Be sure to hot wrap before you stretch and after you stretch this will help to take care of your ligiments. take it easy and good luck with future gains

This is day four and no erection in sight. I ordered some viagra and will try that on tueday.

My mind is under its own assault. My gut is telling me that this injury is going to cost me my sex life. A very difficult place to be psychologically. Haven’t sleep much in the past few days.

I have used the (PE) exercises for a total of 3.5 days total and can’t explain what went wrong except I was overly aggressive.

Still no pain but a definite change in sensation.
Please correct me if I’m wrong but the injury must be to the nerves or to the blood vessels.
Avo8, thanks for your input but I really don’t think this is performance anxiety. I’m planning a doctor visit as soon as possible.
Any support you can give would me much appreciated.Thanks

I am 42 years old and had the same thing happen to me when I started. Most of it is in your mind, and some of it due to the exercises. You will get used to it. Don’t worry about it, get your viagra and move on slowly.

Good luck

I’m 23 and i had a couple of problems, one time i couldnt get myself to ejaculate and the other time i had trouble maintaining, and this type of thing had never happend before PE. Well since then I’ve been getting some of the hardest hard ons i’ve ever had, I think the key is adequate rest. Also don’t be expecting morning wood after a heavy PE session they are definately tiring. Take a break for a bit and when you’re ready make a comeback at a slower pace. At first i was doing silly things like 4 days on 1 day off, finally i moved to 2 on 1 off and things are generally better. Also ED definately has a psychological component, the more you worry about it the worse it gets… =( work on breaking down the mental barrier.

1 Quest,
How many days did it take you to recover?? Tomorrow is day 5 and I’m not dealing with it well. I’m really stressed.

Tricky 2,
I know your on target with trying to overcome the mental barrier but so far haven’t handled it well.

Hey guys I really appreciate all your input and I pray to God your right. PLEASE keep walking me through this valley with continued support and encouragement. I don’t have anyone else to confide in.



Remember that since you have started pe you are paying more attention to your penis than you have ever before. You are putting alot of stress on it that you are not used to. Try not to dwell on the fact that you can not get an erection, that you have caused some type of injury, loss of sensation, your not waking with wood, ect. At 46 I’ll bet the things your thinking now were present before you started pe, you just did not relize it then. I am 42 and I do not wake every morning with wood, but it does not mean you are not having them through the night, as long as you are sleeping good. When you get your viagra it will help, and remember to focus on what you are doing and not your penis.


Well after 4-5 days function has returned just as you guys said it would. My wifes patience and support helped me to return to full function. What an incredable load off my mind.

I now plan to begin a very conservative exercise schedule as Avo8 described. I hope I’ve learned my lesson. More is not always better.

Thanks again for the support.

Hey Rooky,

Welcome to the forum! I’m sorry that you had this problem. I think that just about every guy who does PE has had it to some extent. One thing that you may want to add to your routine is kegel exercises for the PC muscle. There is a lot of info on the forum on how to do them. 200-300 a day is a good number. Kegels help to facilitate increased blood flow to the penis. The also aid in the angle of erection by strengthening the PC muscle.
You and I are about the same age. Believe me when I tell you that you can PE and still have a terrific sex life. Just take your time.

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Real glad to hear you’re ok again. Not a nice experience, but a lesson well-learned.

Good luck with the PE re-start. This time have slow fun with it and keep us posted about your progress.



Thanks for the heads up (pun intended) on kegels. I do need to place more emphasis on doing them and doing them correctly.

I appreciate all your comments and suggestions. I must admit that psychologically I was on very thin ice.

What amazes me about this site is that everyone is generally very helpful aka lack of male competition which is unusual when considering the subject matter. Could the answer be that there are no women involved in this process, just men and their penises?

Hey Rooky. Glad to hear that your little friend is back in action. I would echo what everyone here is saying. Start slowly and build. If this happens again, remember that a lot of it is probably in your mind. Also, some injuries that men have had here have taken weeks or months to heal but they did heal. Keep the mental aspect in mind and what I said about long heal times. Take it easy and you’ll be just fine. Welcome to the club!

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