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Back to normal

Back to normal

This website is fantastic and I think that the creators of this site (Thunder!) should be very proud.

I made the mistake of doing jelqing a while back, but I did it erect by accident. It felt good jelqing and I ended up doing them erect.

This has caused loss of girth, length, sensetivity and ejaculation strength.

My question is how can I get back to normal?

My plan, which I will start once I move into my new place, is one month of total abstinence from all sex and masturbation. I will also try and avoid getting erections so that my penis can heal completely and rest. For the whole month, I will hot wrap in the evening to get blood into my friend, but not stimulate him.

After one month, I will begin the newbie exercises and take it slowly.

However, my penis is currently shaped like a baseball bad. It is too thin at the base (from erect jelqing), average in the middle, and a very small head.

Should I hang first to increase my base after a month of rest or should I just go with the regular routine after one month?

Will my erections get any stronger with the exercises? Or does the strength increase slower than size increases?

These last few months have been hell. I’m so f-ing scared about losing my dick that I have to get this off my chest.

If anyone here has been though a period of days without morning wood, I would appreciate some advice. I don’t feel quite the same. My confidence is gone.

Thanks in advance. I’m going to make a conscious and disciplined effort to heal myself SLOWLY!!!

I never get mourning wood. Even before I started PE. I get them while I sleep,

but I rarely wake up with more then a 50% flaccid.

I don’t get them now, even on a roid cycle.

I don’t think you’ll “lose your dick”, but stay on the break till you

get sensitivity back.

Stay away from 100% erect jelqing. I can’t because I’ll bust mad capillaries.

I noticed I got the baseball bat thing going on to, and I like it!

It does make the head look smaller, but I’ll have to find a way to increase glan

circumference and base girth. It’s better then no gains at all.

Originally Posted by mgoblow55555
is one month of total abstinence from all sex and masturbation

No jerking off for a month, damn, you got some discipline!

Hope you heal fast and get back on track to your gains.

You have the right idea: rest until COMPLETE healing.

>>Will my erections get any stronger with the exercises? Or does the strength increase slower than size increases? <<

Most guys report great improvement in erection quality when they follow a sensible and safe program. This is often the first result, prior to any size increase.

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Should I hang or do the newbie routine first?

My base girth sucks, so should I try to improve my base girth?

First and foremost, rest. 4 weeks would be good, but 6 would be better. You really want to give your body time to totally heal itself before you start inflicting grievous bodily harm again!!

Once you get back from your well earned break, go for a newbie routine. Get your dick conditioned slowly and then hang if you wish. I had the makings of a real baseball shaped dick, but thanks to hanging, I’m have even girth all over now.

Try not to worry about your girth if you can. Rest and recuperate and then get back into it. I won’t be too concerned about trying to stop yourself getting erections as this increased blood flow (the hot wraps are also good idea) will help to heal your penis.And remember, take it easy!

Best of luck.

I agree with Andrew. Go for the newbie routine first, and please do not fret about the current cosmetic imperfection of your pecker. This can be corrected later through hanging or a manual technique that targets base girth.

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