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Back pain during and after PE

Back pain during and after PE


Now it is almost 2 years that I PE, 1 year jelking and 1 year pumping and jelking….I cannot PE in regular way because some times I have some back pain…I have tried and trying to do some back exercicies to reenforce my back within yoga and swimming but it is not so effective. Does any one of you had or are experiencing the same conditions ?????

Thank you


Try an exercise like back bridges to really strengthen up the lumbar region. Your situation sounds kinda weird. I don’t know much about hernias, but I know that they have something to do with back pain and the reproductive tract.

It could be a mild hernia, but I could also be so full of crap it’s leaking out my fingers onto the keyboard and into the forum. If that’s the case, do be a sport and disregard the smell.

I going to guess that you are experiencing lower back pain?

What has helped me the most is doing circuit weight training that includes squats and also doing exercises for the core like sit ups, crunches and back extensions.

Visit a gym.

I also get back pains when jelqing. I’ve found that it helps to get up and walk around during my sets. The problem is that jelqing while sitting puts your body in a strange position. YOu’re thrusting your hips out, yet leaning forward. Your arms are in front of you, which means your back has to support their weight.

It would be cool to create some brace for holding your upper body in place. It would look like the pads on a crunch machine—pushing right in the middle of your chest. That would allow you to lean forward while having the brace support the weight of your torso and the bending moment imposed by the weight of your arms.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

thanks for your comments,

Yes it is a lover back pain, around the coccys. I am trying several exercices and also I massage this region after each session.


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