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back for another try...again

back for another try...again

Well I PE’d for 4 months with no real gains, and then another 2 months to no avail. All i want to do is add some girth without damaging my penis. I have a pump, a powerjelq, and vigrx. I’ve used all three in the past in all sorts of different routines. I do admit that I gained .25 inch in length, but absolutely nothing in Girth….and thats ALL I CARE ABOUT

I stopped PEing last month, because of ED and i thought I should just accept myself and not try to change things like that. But 2 weeks ago I was having sex with a girl and the condom slipped off inside her. I am so sick of this happeneing all the time Anyway she doesnt even want to have sex anymore…..i I’m also tired of feel like every pussy is loose. I’m about 4.4 girth at the top, but under 4 towards the base.

I guess I’m asking you guys some help. I need the perfect routine. I swear I will stick to it for at least 3 months. Just tell me how to start back up…. what exercises, and what is safe. (and believe me I’ve read almost every thread here, but I just dont know what to stick to). I’m kinda of scared of getting the erectile dysfunction I had when I was PEing before…but my dick is working fine right now…… I just want girth…I’ll incorporate anything necessary like my pump, and i’ll post all new pics.

I guess I’m just begging 1 or 2 guys to give me a solid not too dangerous 3 month routine. I know it’ll take a couple minutes to write, but it would mean alot. I will keep a full everyday progess report, to ensure I’m doing whats necessary.

Sorry for yet another negative message form me….I know I should be satisified with what I have, especially my length, but I just want to really feel a girl when I’m inside her….and more importantly I want her to feel me

Thanks for everything,

For the time being, would it be stupid to recommend you to buy custom made condoms? They are sold on

In the meantime, why don’t you start with just manual newbie routine again? I have always read here that restarting may bring gains.

Maybe you are not applying enough pressure when you are doing the wet jelqs; for example, you might be using the OK grip to apply pressure on the top and bottom, while it is wiser to apply pressure on the sides(I think).

You have gained 0.25 in length. Don’t give up believing. Also try to do BTB jelq to increase more blood circulation. Don’t do too many kegels.

Firstly, VigRX does not work.

Secondly, don’t incorperate pumping into the routine anytime soon.

I am pretty much a newbie, but have read around.. a LOT.

After around 2 weeks I have already noticed around .1-.2” length increase (substantial), harder erections, more forceful orgasms, and a heavier flaccid state. (Haven’t measured girth)

I do a BASIC routine and I do a VIGOROUS routine:

Warm up with stimulation/masturbation (Do not come).

50 Kegels to reduce erection

30 Second stretches: Down, Up, Out, Left, Right

500 Hard Jelq’s

30 Second stretches: Down, Up, Out, Left, Right

50 Kegel’s to reduce erection

500 Hard Jelq’s

30 Second stretches: Down, Up, Out, Left, Right

25 Horse 440’s

30 Second stretches: Down, Up, Out, Left, Right

100 Kegel’s

10 5-Second Hold Kegel’s

Cool down with a shower alternating warm/cold water on my lower body.

It feels so damn good to let off a load afterwards because it feels nice, thick, and heavy. (looks good too, a nice medium bronze, and shiny).

Started: January 1st, 2004 6.6" x 5.2" Reaching for the skyy...

By the way the whole routine can be completed in the span of 30-35 Minutes.

But as always… TAKE YOUR TIME!

Started: January 1st, 2004 6.6" x 5.2" Reaching for the skyy...


Cheatah gave you some really good advice. Now, you are going to get the lousy Pirate lecture. PE takes time Skinny. (Cue violin music) It was 2 years before I saw gains. When you set a limit of 3 months on yourself, you are setting a limit on your growth. Why such a hurry? Your dick will still be attached when you get to my age. If you only go 3 months, and then give up, when you get to be my age your dick will be the same size it is now. On the other hand, if you keep at it with no time limit, one day you will find 1/8 inch more. Another month you may find another 1/8 inch. Over the years, those pile up. Then, when you get to be my age, you have the worlds biggest dick. And all because you didn’t limit yourself by a time constraint.

Your dick is not popcorn in a microwave oven. It won’t be done in 3.5 minutes. Think long term, and you will not be disappointed Skinny. Patience and perseverance, and you will grow.

"In an honest Service there is thin Commons, low Wages, and hard labour; in this (Piracy), Plenty and Society, Pleasure and Ease, Liberty and Power; and who would not balance Creditor on this side when all the Hazard that is run for it, at worst, is only a sour Look or two at choaking. No, A merry Life and a short one, shall be my Motto."--Bartholomew Roberts

OK, you have tried pumping, powerjelqing and a pill. None of worked so far, so you must consider what other options are open to you for girth. The two most obvious are: squeezes and uli’s. If you are not familiar with how to do them, then use the search key.

I HIGHLY recommend that you study Stillwantmore’s cable clamp Uli demo at:

Cable Clamp for girth Demo Thread by me.

…in order to learn the proper use of the clamps in doing uli’s. I would recommend, for safety purposes and as a relative newbie, that you avoid the higher intensity things like bending while clamped.

I also recommend learning the basic two handed squeeze as described by Prickle:

“You keep your base-gripping hand tightly clamped on the base as you squeeze the head (or just below it) with the other hand until the right pressure is achieved. Hold it there for thirty seconds at a time. Maybe start off with shorter sets if you want.”

from :Quick question about the Horse440’s

You remind me a lot of Prickle. He started with a girth very similar to yours, was depressed about it, and spent a year power jelqing with no girth gains to speak of, which made him even more depressed.

Then he quit the powerjelq entirely and learned the squeeze. After conditioning himself to the squeeze over a few months(and making his first girth gains in the process), he “graduated” to Uli’s. The last time I checked in with him, he was gaining .1” a month in girth, a respectable rate of gain. Like you, he really only cares about gaining girth. You may want to check out some of his postings on girth and Uli’s here at Thunders and also at Matters of Size, where he goes by the name Godsize.


That’s a very vigorous routine you got there. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow some stuff. Happy gaining!

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Originally posted by caj

25 Horse 440's

By the way the whole routine can be completed in the span of 30-35 Minutes.

Wow, you do all of these things in 30-35 minutes? I can’t even do 10 Horse in 10-15 minutes. Because after each Horse, my dick feels weird, and I wait for half a minute or so, then start 20 wet jelqs, then the Horse….

I can barely finish my 10 Horses for the time being. I guess 25 Horse for me would take at least 30 minutes, not to mention all the other stuff you do in your VIGIROUS routine. I think that it is at least an hour thing you have written down there.

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Ahhh sorry for the late reply guys.

I forgot to mention I had been doing ‘mini-sessions’ for around 3-4 months, so I have already pre-conditioned.

I try to keep my routines on a 24 hour basis, that is, if I do them at 10pm one night, I want to get them done the next between 9-11pm. Erego I have no committments already.

Being as it may, on my first attempt at this routine, I completed it in roughly 45-50 minutes, with minute chaffing. After 2-3 days however, the chaffing subsided, and I already noted a more substantial erection, as well as vein development. I continued to increase the intensity/speed at which I jelq, and I am careful to measure my capabilities.

Oh yeah, I mis-noted: My Horse 440’s are in fact not Horse 440’s, but rather something else:

Maintain an 80-90% erection. Grab the base of the penis like you would if you were to jelq, squeeze your PC’s very hard, then simultaneously squeeze the base of your penis, and slowly work upwards on a 3-5 count (whatever feels better), continue doing the slow jelqs (wet not dry) in the same manner 10 times, be sure to keep a VERY firm grip. At the 10 count, squeeze once more, and continue. Do 25 of these with no rest (trust me you will want rest, but also you will love the results). Do these sitting down, in a leaned back, relaxed position, pulling the head of your penis towards your chin. You may note the ‘tiny veins’ (pardon me I am no anatomy major) near the end of the shaft towards the glans start to bulge. After these 25, the cool-down session will help condition the veins once again. Veins are the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your penis, for they ARE your penis. Treat them as you would your heart, eat plenty of cheerio’s :) drink plenty of water, and get a good amount of excersise.

Started: January 1st, 2004 6.6" x 5.2" Reaching for the skyy...

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