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Back at it

Back at it

Starting back with my jelqing/stretching routine that I did for the past two summers then would stop because of school. This time I am goign to keep at it until December and see the results. I will be starting with 5 minutes of wrappin, then stretching in upwards directions because I have a LOT of 6:00. ANy suggestions with this LOT would be helpful. I hope to gain a inch in length and a inch in girth. I will do 300 jelqs and then jump in a hot shower. Any insight to help out a starter?? Wish myself luck and everyone else luck in reaching there goals.

I would forget about LOT right now, just do the newbie routine. My LOT is also around 6:00, and I still do all the stretches. I’m gaining length and girth, and when I plateau, I’ll revisit LOT.

The traditional methods will serve you well, hanging downward is the preferred method since it attacks suspensory structures where the resistance is at its peak. It is only my opinion, but LOT means next to nothing. You have a petellar reflex (some of you), it does not mean you should do something different when exercising your knees. Tugback is just one of mother nature’s reflex actions and will not hamper you in your quest for size.

Jelq in a fashion that is pleasing to the eye, you are a sculptor and your penis is the clay. So, sculpt a fine corona and the rest of your penis will come along for the ride. Do not over stress the jelqing action, your head is the end of the pipe and will take the most trauma from this type of exercise. Your head is very robust and can take high amounts of pressure, however, the physiology just behind it is susceptible to injury, so proceed carefully until structural strength is increased.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo

OMG i would have to say “WOW”

I also decided to do exactly what you said! start again today and keep going until newyears (sometime in december) :)
Isn’t that a coincidence ;)

My advice is (also going to use it myself) would be NOT to measure it to often! Sometimes your erections might not be hard enough and it might just get you down and make you think that it’s not working or something…. Just remember that it IS working. So keep going and set up goals!

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Thanks for the help, I guess ill start stretching downwards again dam 8.04 and still goin for more, I wish I was around there, but thats what all this jelqing and stretching is for!


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