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Aye, Aye! Capn!

Aye, Aye! Capn!


I’ve been looking over your hanger plans and I have to tell you, it’s quite a piece of work – and damn cheap to make, too. I’m going to have to add one to my PE collection after the holidays; although, I sadly have no time/privacy to hang in the foreseeable future.

Which brings me to my question: What kind of gains have you seen from using your hanger? I know that stillwantmore gained something like 5/8” from hanging, in a relatively brief span of time. Are you seeing such progress? Also, I believe I read that you’re hanging hours per day, is that true?

Thanks for the kind words. Arrr. You should definitely make a Wench, if only to discover that it’s not just a hanger. I think of the Wench as a three in one PE device: Hanger, Manual Stretch Aid, and ADS.
To date, the focus has been relegated to using it as a hanger and that’s mostly my fault. I have only posted Part I of the Wench trilogy. In the near future I intend to post Part II on using the Wench as a manual stretcher. Some pretty useful things have come out of my use of it. Also (tease tease) there will also be a fantastic item on using the Wench as an ADS - actually two ways to ADS with it. This Part III of the trilogy involves a cyclops (and I don’t mean the kind of cyclops we’re all trying to grow here).
So I strongly urge you to make one. It will prove a valuable addition to your PE shop of horrors.

About your other question. Yes. I hang a lot. I can, so I do. This is in large part what motivated me to make a device. I wanted something very easy to put on and take off but I also wanted something that was very comfortable. I got that with the Wench. I enjoy extremely comfortable hanging, and probably best of all I have suffered absolutely none of the more common signs of PE - discoloration, chaffing, callousing. Part of this may be the result of hanging relatively lighter weight (usually under 15 lbs and most often under 10lbs) but keep in mind that as I said, I hang a lot. My unit is receiving some serious all day stress. And no war wounds whatsoever.

Gains? Lets see, at last measure I have registered a little more than 3/4” erect gains since beginning PE, and a 1/2” of those gains came from hanging with the Wench. My flaccid hang is now always in the 5” range and even though I was going to wait to put this in my progress journal I measured my BPFSL yesterday and was delighted to find I’d broken 8”. This is genuinely a surprise because it came out of nowhere. The last time I did any real measuring ( a month ago?) my BPFSL was right in line with my BPEL at about 7 5/8”- 7 3/4”
I haven’t measured erect length and don’t intend to until the end of the year. I’m generally wary when it comes to the relation between ones stretched length and erect length. But I can only hope that this gain in flaccid stretch translates into an erect gain. Man, do I hope.

Thanks for the time Wad. I hope if you build a Wench it works for you.

How long you think before you get to the Trilogy Cap?

I can’t wait!

Eagerly looking forward to it.


>This Part III of the trilogy involves a cyclops<

You know you can only kill them with a giant crossbow right?


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