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Awsome Grip for stretching!

Awsome Grip for stretching!

After an EZ Pumping session today, i decided to do some stretching, and due to my engorged Head, you won’t believe how awsome the Grip became when stretching.

I just would like to share it with you guys who pump and stretch as I do.

Do some Ez pumping (10 minutes or so) and go for it when stretching!


PS: I felt a POP for the first time today, but was pretty weak, and nothing to worry about, felt when stretching towards my right shoulder

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You could also just use some baby powder…or add that to what youre doing.

Very bad to stretch with an engorged head.

Originally posted by bigballz
Very bad to stretch with an engorged head.


Isn’t your dick erect and lubed up after pumping? Both of those will hinder your stretching.

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Originally posted by MDC

I always squeeze the blood from my head before a stretch (OK, not alway … I forget sometimes). I do this because the pressure from the stretch would cause the blood in an engorged glans to press furiously against the walls of the fine blood vessels and is apt to cause several (minor) hemorrhages. I know this because I made the mistake, and I had severe blood-blistering on my glans. It was pretty ugly and my glans was left sore and very tender. It actually made sex and masturbation painful.

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