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away a while - looks what happens!

away a while - looks what happens!

Hey guys, haven’t been online for a couple of days, but when i come back look what’s happened!
Thunder you should be proud now your board is really coming alive, especially with all the veterans and pros here :)

I’d like to say I’ve been discouraged because of no gains in a while, but I’ve started up again, with some inspiration form reading Uli’s routine thing posted elsewhere on here… are that guy’s gains for real or what? sounds incredible…

One other thing that’s given me some motivation is this; while I was working out the other day I noticed that I now have a ‘groove’ down the centre of my dick down the middle that runs along the shaft, making the two corpa really distinct. Before I didn’t have anything like this - it just looked like one tube. This definition is really encouraging for me - it’s like getting cut abs or something ;) I can now tell all three ‘pipes’ apart easily whereas before it was just one :D
anyone else has noticed this?

Yeah, secjay— I have noticed that & it’s got me worried. I have an uneven cock & am working for the straight tube look. Is this what I have to look forward to? I got the two big tubes on top that are most visible mid-shaft & the one for the urethra on the underside. Real cut “penis abs.”

We grow 'em bigger down south!


Why are you worried about the groove?
is that what you’re worried about? because I like it….
my wang is also ‘uneven’ - it curves down and a little to the right…
I dont know if it’s any sign that it’s getting better - that they are becoming defined - or just bigger or whatever, but I think it’s gotta be a positive side effect.

hehe btw I like your little saying thing - “we grow em bigger down south”.
If you didn’t know, I’m from Australia, which is about as south as you can get ;)
lol should adopt it for myself :)

No, I don’t like the groove & I’m hoping that the two-hand sqeeze for girth (“the shiner” I think you called it on the B-P forum) will give me a more even tubular shape. What do you think?

As for the quip, wouldn’t “down under” be an even better description? & it sounds like from your description (don’t be offended) that your cock is a little gnarly, so… what about “We grow’em big & gnarly down under”!

We grow 'em bigger down south!


Whats wrong with the groove? I love the groove - makes it look stronger hehe… Oh the two hand squeeze? Actually It’s another exercise I call the shiner but I just happened to mention it on the two hand thread…
the two hand squeeze I do use too… I dont know about getting rid of the groove… I think we’re stuck with it since I think it’s an indicator that theyre expanding..

thanks for the suggestion, I’ve been looking for my own little tag thing for a while… only part I don’t get is “gnarly”… does that word still mean what I think it means?
lol I dunno…


Just meant gnarly in the old-fashioned use of the word, like a misshapen tree twig. But I’ve also heard it used here in the states for “cool” in an out-of-the-ordinary way. I guess some girls would be intrigued by crooked curves, but I think most have seen enough porn & nudie pics to expect (& maybe want) that perfect steel pipe cylinder. (Or maybe it’s just my own perception ‘cause that’s what I want for me.) So if you like it, celebrate it! What’s gnarly mean to you?

We grow 'em bigger down south!

I don’t think a “stell-pipe shape” is what girls are looking for. My cock, for example, is curved slightly upwards, towards my stomach which, in turn, when screwing a girl, can stimulate her G-Spot, which is located on the upper wall (stomach). It has worked for me and the girls I’ve been with so far.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike


Taint all crooked and twisted - it just has a composite curve - a little down and a little to the right….

I was thinking gnarly as in the surfie use of the word…

Surfie sense!/Turned upwards, that's what I want!

So what’s gnarly in surfie? I thought it had a positive meaning— as in so bad it’s good!

Yea Uncut, I sent you a message asking about the end of your dick. I noticed your member in the pics section threads & wondered if PE helped it turn upwards. One of your posted pics doesn’t have that look. What gives?


We grow 'em bigger down south!


What part of OZ?

I’m from Sydney. I’m sure this amount of familiarity won’t make us lose our anonymity….. :)


yeah mate

G’day mate,
Im in syd too..
care to “throw another shrimp on the barbie”?
you can ride your kangaroo here then later we can all drink VB till we drop…. lol - that’s the only stereotype that’s true hehe



So how has your PE progress been, Mate. ……Pity about the election — depending on your point of view— I guess.

My stats are at PE Forum— Progress Reports, (as Pumpinon8) and pics at Uncut4bigs Yahoo club— as Pumpinon7-9 :-) :-) .

Call me P8

election etc..

which PE forum are you talking about?
The ezboard one? Im not sure I know the address… if u tell me Ill go check it out ;)

Since it was my very first vote, I really wasn’t interested in it all - can’t be bothered etc, so I just sort of voted for the funniest guys - legalisation of marijuana or something….
hehe hope they get in lol :)

catcha later P8


I found your progress report on the other forum but I didn’t really get all the stats in the weird format etc…
what are your current stats and where did you start?
I understand you jelq, use a pump, and hang? anything I can gleam from these pearls of wisdom u think?
I have tried a bit of pumping with home made type stuff but it was junk and not worth the effort…. anyways my progress is OK i guess for just hand stuff…

hope to hear from u soon


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